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    Indian Navy News & Discussions

    Better for the IN to sell all the remaining 14 Submarines and get all the 15 Akulas from Russia with upgrade.
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    AWC's IRST Pod

    I think its a Anti Armour Missile and NESCOM - GIDS might be coming up with their own IRST Pod along with FLIR in an integrated way(similar to UAV-UCAV:pakistan:) for Aircraft, Surface-Submerged Naval Vessels and Land Vehicles along with Space Vehicles. INSHA ALALH.
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    Capabilities of PAF Dassault MIRAGE-III/V.

    If NESCOM and GIDS try they can do JV with China or Turkey over Sensor and other Electronics development for All the 3 Forces.
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    Pakistan Military Multimedia

    A total of 16 of them would be received? Also what about 14 remaining Pakistani F-16s in US and can Pakistan buy 21 Venuezvella F-16s??? Kindly reply.
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    Thar coal mining project in Pakistan | Updates & Discussions.

    Nice and they should be provided with complete security and other needed requirements.
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    List of loans taken by PML-N since May 2013

    Will Pakistan see a new system replacing the current Failed system.
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    Nawaz govt is 'pleased' at GEO's ISI bashing | Dr Moeed Pirzada

    So now what we expect? Is any other Force coming in to power???
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    Egypt in negotiations for Su-35 and Mig-35?

    Egypt should instead joins in JF-17 program whether by buying 50% stake from China as its cheap and has bigger room for upgrades.
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    Russia, Egypt Reach Initial $3 Bln Arms Deal

    They should gain local production for $3 Billion MiG-35s and no need of Attack Helicopters from Russia rather go for Z-10 program and may be JF-17 Block-IIs.
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    Syria uses SAMs to harass Turkish aircraft

    US should supply them 300 latest HARM + 700 Maverick to Turkey free of cost to take that down. Also tell me if EU has similar ones or not? Syrian Air Force - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia They have a very big Air Force and I wish NATO will help the Turkey in terms of Free of Cost latest...
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    Assam Violence : Thousands flee fearing more attacks

    bangladesh should work more and more on its military to support any conflict against Muslims in East Of India.
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    INS Kolkata, navy’s most powerful warship, to be delivered next month

    I am sure Pakistan would make some nice changes to its Missiles to take it down.
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    South China Sea Forum

    PN should also be looking in to building such small Check post in the middle of Arabian Sea all over the covered area and offer similar to Oman & Yemen to be build which will only be operated by PN and Coast Guards.
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    Pakistan to buy six Type 041 Yuan-class diesel-electric submarines from China

    I am asking to increase their number of men from 36000 to 111,000; with 11000 being just SSG(N) and the remaining 110,000 men would be Navy, Marines and Coast Guards working in a rotary schedule.
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    Pakistan to buy six Type 041 Yuan-class diesel-electric submarines from China

    I wish that PN would have start producing this submarine from This year.
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    India thinks it can win a war against Pakistan

    Pakistan Missile Force should get ready its Missiles also look into making it to be used against Naval Targets as well. Also I am asking that HIT had gain the capacity of 50 MBTs per year but if they do 24 hr production then they can produce 100+ yearly. So producing Al-Khalid - I can be...
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    Azerbaijan Defence Programs & Military Development

    Even Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipines and other east Asian countries.
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    Al-Khalid tank (Type 90-IIM / MBT-2000) Information Pool

    Any Chances of KSA starting up local production of Al-Khalid or any other tanks from China, Russia or even M1A3 Tanks locally.