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  1. TMA

    Pakistan is a brother indeed

    I already do.
  2. TMA

    Featured Pakistan says UAE-Israel deal could have 'far-reaching implications'

    Do you now there are Muslims countries that don't even have diplomatic relations [officially] with Imposter Israel? They don't even recognize her. Perhaps of the Muslim countries that do recognize Imposter Israel, Turkey is the most anti-Israel one. Also may I remind you that Turkey is part of...
  3. TMA

    Featured Afghan troops conduct military drill near Durand Line

    Irrespective. Waz is correct. Afghan Afghans [not all I might add before anyone accuses me of negative sterotyping] also have pure and utter hate for the inferior Gul Khan and DalKhoor, an arrogance only matched perhaps by Pharoah and Satan.
  4. TMA

    Pakistan is a brother indeed

    I consider Sheikh Imran to be one of the few scholars who is able to penetrate the reality of the world today. Of course he makes mistakes, after all he is human. There are certain views of his that I do not accept but that goes with any scholar. I would like someone to contradict his arguments...
  5. TMA

    UK crashes into deepest recession of any major economy

    One has to also strive to understand the fraudulent system that we operate in first and foremost. And then tell others about it. Muslims should stand against oppression and the Gog and Magog World Financial System is utter oppression.
  6. TMA

    Pakistan says 'thankful' to Saudi Arabia for its continued support

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not a brother to Muslims. Can you not get this? It is basically an imposter. A sister of Imposter Israel.
  7. TMA

    UK crashes into deepest recession of any major economy

    It is not meant to change. It will concentrate wealth into fewer hands. into the hands of Gog and Magog. That is what the whole Modern Monetary Theory is about. One big fraud to enslave Mankind for Dajjal.
  8. TMA

    Pakistan is a brother indeed

    Ok. Let me you choicer words, the majority of Muslims are fools. Also to be human one learns from his mistake, it seems my people just don't want to.
  9. TMA

    Pakistani and Saudi Relations + Saudi and Israeli Alliance = Conflict

    As long as you realize that KSA is the Zionist elder twin of Imposter Israel and is an enemy to Muslims. This is what Pakistan should have in the back of her mind when she deals with KSA.
  10. TMA

    Pakistan is a brother indeed

    وعلیکم السلام۔ الحداللہ۔ How are you? Converting churches is against the Quran. Even if Muslims purchase them. Sultan Mehmet Fatih and his Scholars for dinars were wrong on this matter. Attaturk was wrong when he made it a museum. And Erdogan is wrong for making it into a mosque again. Secondly...
  11. TMA

    Eid Mubarak to British Muslims and everyone else

    It is only going to get worse. Islam is being dismantled bit by bit. It started with governance and will end with the prayer.
  12. TMA

    Featured Army chief, Saudi envoy discuss regional security, bilateral ties

    Aren't many of the Uyghurs getting succor from the CIA like ISIS was? If East Turkistan became independent would it not be a Bosnia in Central Asia? Basically a NATO military post?
  13. TMA

    Imran Khan’s Pakistan and its Strategic Relevance for the UK

    Yes but nothing will come of it.
  14. TMA

    Featured Army chief, Saudi envoy discuss regional security, bilateral ties

    Let me use choicer words this time round. The KSA is not friendly to Pakistan and the wider Muslim community. She is in bed with Imposter Israel. Pakistanis and Muslims must engage with KSA with this paradigm in the back of their minds.
  15. TMA

    Imran Khan’s Pakistan and its Strategic Relevance for the UK

    What can you expect from them?
  16. TMA

    Featured PM Imran Khan hails reopening of Hagia Sophia

    Are you able to think? The Quran forbids those who follow the Last Prophet [peace be upon him] to convert Churches even if Muslims purchase the Church. Is this so difficult to understand? What the Ottomans did along with their 'Scholars for dollars [dinars]' was wrong. Full Stop. Period. What...
  17. TMA

    Muslim man dragged away from dying daughter by UK police

    Wonder why it made the news now? it was a gagging order which was only recently released/lifted.
  18. TMA

    Is New World order coming?

    It is already here.
  19. TMA

    Ways to counter the PTM narrative

    I meant as individuals. The cultural elites are bedazzled by Bollywood and have disdain towards KPK and Balochistan. I don't think they can be swayed.
  20. TMA

    Ways to counter the PTM narrative

    Yes. I agree. Pakistan is swayed too much to the east which is understandble given the population densities. Perhaps encouraging your kith and kin to learn about Pukhtoon and Baloch history and not binge watching Bollywood?