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  1. zectech

    US MDA advancing work on high-powered microwave for hypersonic defense

    Supposedly, more effective microwave are short ranges. Longer range EW weapons are less effective. They could have developed boosters for extending short range weapons, that is what I do in war gaming. In my war gaming, a navy should have many subs, and the surface fleet should have many...
  2. zectech

    By distancing China in tech, India may be shooting itself in the foot

    The further the far reich gets into office, the weaker jewish power in the US is. US is less concerned with endless wars in the Middle East, Washington is into India. US aims low at India. Washington is into slums and poverty. :enjoy:
  3. zectech

    Some 3,500 US companies sue over Trump-imposed Chinese tariffs

    This ain't going anywhere. This is an election era ploy to get the 'big bad' corporations attacking trump, and to make trump MAGA made into a victim of Wall Street. Where were they 1-2 years ago. Why so close to the November selections. Corporate CEOs and neocons and other coastal rich support...
  4. zectech

    US MDA advancing work on high-powered microwave for hypersonic defense

    EW is the warfare of the future. US is 70 years ahead of China in this regard. Here is old technology: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/north-korea/microwave-weapon-could-fry-north-korean-missile-controls-say-experts-n825361 In a war with China, the war (if USA uses their classified weapons)...
  5. zectech

    October Surprise: my prediction for war

    Same as when US released the virUS on China and waited months for China to make a pseudo-mistake in January. trump is instigating regional problems for China to make wrong move. The HK move was the best move for China because it was the fall of Saigon - a void of CiA operatives closed and made...
  6. zectech

    Clinical human trials begin for COVID-19 vaccine in China

    A few months ago, there was uncertainty about this. Good news.
  7. zectech

    Featured United States has secretly built and tested a prototype of a potentially sixth generation fighter jet.

    US is sitting on 80 years of stolen technology and stolen IP. This did not happen in one year. This is probably 80s classified technology. They probably have their own classified UFOs they make. And in 2050 they are going to announce they that in ONE YEAR they designed a hovering UFO. Wow! One...
  8. zectech

    Featured The United States Did Draw Up A Plan To Drop 80 Nuclear Weapons On North Korea

    Putin would feign a complaint, nothing more. Putin knows who Vlads controllers are. Putin must not bite the hand that loots Russia every minute of every day. Russia’s economic problems are due to the looting of the country during the Yeltsin years, to the imposition of neoliberal economics by...
  9. zectech

    Dollar doomed as China shifts to consumption

    Read the article in the link. Ron Paul and other libertarians have been arguing in 2020 that the Federal Reserve and Washington are using this plandemic to sure up treasuries and the dollar, covering for the bubble that was going to burst soon, without the plandemic. The bubble was going to...
  10. zectech

    China preparing for war. Moving 1000s of missiles

    China attacking Taiwan is no different than the stupidity of Japan bombing Pearl Harbor over the oil embargo. The US wanted in the war in Europe and Pacific, so they baited the Japanese. The public did not want to get involved in Churchill's war. So they set up Japan to attack them, did...
  11. zectech

    Featured The United States Did Draw Up A Plan To Drop 80 Nuclear Weapons On North Korea

    On a side point. trump is revealing this to normalize US warmongering to the nation. trump claimed there could have been an assassination of Assad, however, trump decided not to. That it was a coin toss. This is to normalize Washington taking out foreign leaders. Mentioning about nuking North...
  12. zectech

    Featured The United States Did Draw Up A Plan To Drop 80 Nuclear Weapons On North Korea

    Ask yourself, why isn't the US afraid of a retaliatory strike. Because the US has the means to nuke you, without getting nuked in return. They are giving away that they have the means to defend against nukes and are not even fearful to admit this. I am pretty sure they have a triad of defenses...
  13. zectech

    China, Once Germany’s Partner in Growth, Turns Into a Rival

    Reward BRI countries with more quality imports to China. Invite Germany to BRI, problem solved.
  14. zectech

    China, Once Germany’s Partner in Growth, Turns Into a Rival

    Norbert Röttgen, a political ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel who chairs Parliament’s foreign affairs committee, said China would only need Germany as long as Germany retained its technological edge. China has to make everything for herself because Europeans allowed China to be ganged up by...
  15. zectech

    CV-17 Shandong - Type 002 Aircraft Carrier News & Discussions

    J-15s have to stay relevant in naval warfare. They have the capabilities to be a strike fighter for many years. However when matched with F/A-18 Super Hornets, it is debatable of who wins. To catch up, China should implement more electronic warfare on the J-15s, like the Saab Gripen. They can...
  16. zectech

    2011 Flashback: How the war in Syria started!

    Understanding the US led war on Syria. It started in the late 1940s. This article was first published by Lew Rockwell and Global Research in October 2015 ** This partial timeline provides evidence that the U.S. government and Obama in particular bear a significant responsibility for the...
  17. zectech

    The CIA sent a team of 4 operators on a spy mission targeting China. None came back.

    For years I have guessed that these SCS missions and Taiwan straits missions of the US navy was to deposit underwater drones and sensors to track submarines, that the US has thousands of sensors off US coast to detect and track enemy subs. This story confirms my assumption.
  18. zectech

    European powers reject China's South China Sea claims

    Speaking of sunk and nukes. Italy should develop nuclear SSBNs that launch nuclear V2 rockets that can surface, fire dumb missiles - like V2s with nukes, that are aimed at coastal cities. No electronic warfare can fry the missiles because there are no electronics to fry. No guidance, no jamming...
  19. zectech

    European powers reject China's South China Sea claims

  20. zectech

    PLA Friday drills not warning, but rehearsal for Taiwan takeover: Global Times editorial

    Don't give away what would lead to war, or else war mongers would keep doing it to start a new war. Washington wants conflict. The military exercises should be intimidating to Taiwan, so Taiwan is afraid of being a proxy of the US. War between China and Taiwan is not in China's best interest.