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  1. Backbencher

    Pakistan boy gets a 'new face' in Chennai

    Whats new in this ?? Everyday I see hundreds of Goraa and Africans lined outside the health care centres at my city .
  2. Backbencher

    Wasim Akram features in (indian) ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’

    Atif Aslam also came a while ago , humble guy :tup:
  3. Backbencher

    India to grow faster than China by 2016: Goldman Sachs

    Well he said at such a time when the Indian economy was at its peak and growth rate was climbing from 8 to 9.5% and who knew the world would be hit by recession . CD i have a little suggestion for you , stop quoting the same articles a number of times , what are u 16 ?? It doesn't look good for...
  4. Backbencher

    India to grow faster than China by 2016: Goldman Sachs

    Predictions are predictions , as it is i am not too optimistic . However the positive thing is that dark period of our economy is over and we are showing signs of recovery .
  5. Backbencher

    Why females live longer than males!!

    Try to live a healthy life , hit the gym , maintain a fit and lean body throughout your life span and then piss on this bs article .
  6. Backbencher

    Foreigners don’t like Muslims, only their money: Turkish President Erdoğan

    What's wrong with Erdoğan nowadays , I expected him to be a little smarter than this . He says men and women are not equal and now says Muslims are the victim of their success . He is too insecure to be the president of the most prosperous and powerful muslim nation .
  7. Backbencher

    Batsman Phillip Hughes Dies

    Omg I am shocked , speechless ;(
  8. Backbencher

    Chinese Media Stirs up Debate Over China Becoming SAARC Member

    Such an ametuer media representative these Chinese have . Please pronounce the full form of S.A.A.R.C. and you'll yourself understand why China cannot be a part of it , unless ofcourse China forsee herself as a part of South Asia :lol:
  9. Backbencher

    F-16IN replace Tejas Mk 2?

    Never gonna happen . The IAF will have to induct tejas mark 2 even if it underperforms . Pride is at stake , I guess !
  10. Backbencher

    HAL LCH| Updates and Discussions

    Are they going to telecast it in any channel ? I know its a silly question but I'm just curious
  11. Backbencher

    Lava to soon shift manufacturing base from China to India

    Its okay to be proud of your country buddy but here you're sounding silly . We do not have the manufacturing capabilities nor the infrastructure that the 2004 China had . Start boasting the day firms like Apple , lenovo shift their plants here which will take atleast a decade .
  12. Backbencher

    Which Indian King/Historical event is most under appreciated in Indian History?

    Raja raja Chola I believe is the most underrated and Jalaluddin Akbar is the most overrated .
  13. Backbencher

    Which Book are you reading

    Thanks for that but I'm not into books buddy . I'm reading this after a friend of mine insisted me , maybe a dozen times :D
  14. Backbencher

    Hindu citizens looking for Jinnah's Pakistan

    Yes buddy.......from the day of independence , accelerated in 1991 and stabilizing in 2014 .
  15. Backbencher

    Hindu citizens looking for Jinnah's Pakistan

    Maybe in Islamabad where people are rich and broad minded
  16. Backbencher

    Which Book are you reading

    The monk who sold his ferrari :)
  17. Backbencher

    Indian President Pranab Mukherjee hails India’s ties with Sri Lanka

    After the dreadful relations that were born under UPA 2 this government is trying hard to soften up and play the role of big brother in the region .
  18. Backbencher

    happy birthday to levina