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  1. jaunty

    Mahatma Gandhi Reassasinated.

    She will soon be rewarded for this act of bravery and she knows it.
  2. jaunty

    Unemployment Rate Highest In 45 Years, Reveals Stalled Report: 10 Points

    India under Modi is a shining example of what happens when a semi-literate buffoon with a god complex gets to run a country with absolute freedom. There's nobody there to stop him; there's a reign of terror inside his party (no one wants to be a Haren Pandya after all) and the opposition was non...
  3. jaunty

    Election results 2018

    Don't wish for your own Modi, you can't have a worse PM than him, quite possibly the worst we have had since independence, especially if you consider the kind of mandate and support he had.
  4. jaunty

    Election results 2018

    Something tells me that Imran Khan would turn out to be a flop like Modi, but you have my best wishes.
  5. jaunty

    Incredible India - Tourism places

    Ajikali axom aru NEor bohut video pua jai youtube ot. It was non existent just a few years ago. NE tourism seems to be picking up.
  6. jaunty

    India will buy oil in rupees and drop the dollar to buy iranian oil.

    Nothing new in it. I think this was done in 2013 as well. But big gain for India nonetheless. Iran should value its relationship with India, one of the very few countries who can still withstand US pressure.
  7. jaunty

    India, Pakistan agree to fully implement ceasefire understanding of 2003

    Give it just a few months. It will be business as usual.
  8. jaunty

    Karnataka Election Results Thread

    None of those countries have any significant Hindu population to begin with. Regardless, all of your Arab akas would have been like Yemen if they didn't get lucky with oil. Pity Islam couldn't save Yemen. As for ad hominem, you exposed your Islamist douchebaggery with that comment on Somnath...
  9. jaunty

    Karnataka Election Results Thread

    Don't think he's vsdoc, vsdoc has a distinct style, hard to copy it. I have seen this guy on twitter. He's a closet Islamist who lives in Australia and spends his day writing about big bad Hindus. Yes there is a good chance of this coalition not working out. Plus Amit Shah won't stop his bid...
  10. jaunty

    Karnataka Election Results Thread

    I have seen your twitter feed. You are a closet Islamist. I know that you don't differentiate. I personally treat Islamists like you and Hindutva douchebags the same way. You are absolutely no different. Your unnecessary comment about Somnath is a case in point. You too are a bigoted asshole...
  11. jaunty

    Karnataka Election Results Thread

    Assuming you're not a false flag, assholes like you are one of the main reasons why Hindutva thugs have managed to rise. You complement each other.
  12. jaunty

    Karnataka Election Results Thread

    You appear to be a decent poster, so I am replying to you. The man on your avatar, AB VAjpayee, someone who I always supported, would be as disgruntled as Yashwant Sinha at what these two Gujju crooks are doing to BJP, and indeed to India. All the old timers are on the same boat, they're just...
  13. jaunty

    Karnataka Election Results Thread

    Why are you even bothering to reply to these dungheads? They have either lost their ability to think in Modi's slavery or they're being paid to spread their filth on the internet. In either of these cases, you're only wasting your time. Most of the good Indian members have already left this...
  14. jaunty

    Live : India vs Bangladeshi, Final

    Dinesh Karthik had enough of the snake dance. :p:
  15. jaunty

    Why are Bangladeshi cricketers and their fans immature?

    It's called Napoleon complex.
  16. jaunty

    Indian Political Corner | All Updates & Discussions.

    Hmm no one has denied that there was a beheading, murders happen all the time. The objection was communal scumbags using it to create social unrest whereas it was due some land dispute or something of that nature. Fck off
  17. jaunty

    Stephen Hawking said theory in Vedas superior to Einstein's E=mc2: Science minister

    A govt of bumbling idiots, by bumbling idiots, for bumbling idiots. Let's be real, the Prime Moron himself has cited Ganesh's elephant head as an example of ancient Indian plastic surgery. You can't make this shit up!
  18. jaunty

    Indian Political Corner | All Updates & Discussions.

    Perhaps communal scumbags shouldn't be spreading fake news and actually care for the country more than their party? ------- BTW good to see that slowly but surely people are starting to see Modi govt for what it is, a disaster. The worst thing that can happen to India is Modi getting another...
  19. jaunty

    Indian economy on 'very solid track': IMF chief Lagarde

    I am not an economist but I humbly disagree with her. And before you Modi bhakts get your panties in a twist this is not a criticism of the current govt. DeMo and poor implementation of GST have caused a temporary setback and I have no doubt that we'll slowly recover from this. I have said as...
  20. jaunty

    Rejected by Modi but headed for Nobel Prize

    My original post on demonetization,