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  1. raptor22

    Exclusive: U.S. to slap sanctions on over two dozen targets tied to Iran arms

    To attack Iran they need to get other countries supports which thx to Trump administration policy towards Iran except a bunch of dictators and isreal they don't enjoy any .. beside attacking Iran is like opening a Pandora box ,which wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined in comparison to it is...
  2. raptor22

    In 5 points: Here are the sanctions that have been reimposed on Iran

    The joke is this, The UN arms embargo on Iran has now been re-imposed indefinitely and we will ensure that it continues until Iran changes its behavior. The new executive order gives us the tools to hold to account actors seeking to evade embargoes. If the UN sanctions is reimposed and as...
  3. raptor22

    Featured UNSC president dismisses US bid to renew all UN bans against Iran

    World's politic is entirely base on its powerful players' interest so don't expect others sacrifice theirs for you as for instance EU has not done it regarding JCPoA even though it's been a participant of that ... the law is merely out there to moderate power in the hands of powerful and prevent...
  4. raptor22

    Ashura : 10th day Of Muharam

    Ashura : 10th day Of Muharam Iranian poet Hafez has got a poem which tells the story of Karbala he says: مرید پیر مغانم ز من مرنج ای شیخ چرا که وعده تو کردی و او به جا آورد O Shaikh Of me , grieve not (that) I am the disciple of the Pir of the Magians For ,thou promisedest...
  5. raptor22

    UAE dissident group forms

    The UAE wouldn't gain anything from the deal be it economically or militarily ... so what is behind bringing this secret relation to the light from behind curtain? nothing really .. the countries that don't rely on their own people need foreign approval and get legitimacy from outside so to...
  6. raptor22

    Featured UAE Dispatches Fighter Jets To Support Its Allies Against Turkey

    Poor Turks ... they could have handled Greece & France but now that mighty UAE entering the scene they are gonna get roasted ...
  7. raptor22

    Featured UNSC president dismisses US bid to renew all UN bans against Iran

    The american or Dominican could put it forward ...
  8. raptor22

    Featured UAE cancels meeting with Israel and the United States over Netanyahu's statement against the F-35 deal

    Bad bibi that angered the UAE ... they want F35s to defend Palestine give them what they want ... P.s: what a circus ...
  9. raptor22

    Why can't Saudi Arabia and Iran talk?

    Not related to religious as we have strong connections with many other Sunni countries. On talks btw 2 Iran has always stated its readiness to start a direct talks in order to solve the misunderstandings for example our responses to Pakistan PMs' Imran Khan & Navaz Sharif or Iraqi PM or Oman has...
  10. raptor22

    The end of the deal, hopes, delusions and treasons

    Well JCPOA is out there & indeed has huge impact on all of us so I wonder how on earth arguing about it make us Pathetic? it is reality & there is no escape from it ...
  11. raptor22

    "Jahesh-700", Iran's first turbofan engine

    what is the status?
  12. raptor22

    Featured Prince Turki Al-Faisal: A Palestinian state in exchange for Saudi Arabia's establishment of relation

    After 7 decades you still think it's gonna happen? even after UAE started relation bibi said we just postpone the annexation ... so either it's a naive point of view or an attempt to make people ready for relation as it's been behind the curtain ...
  13. raptor22

    Thirteen of 15-member U.N. Security Council oppose U.S. push for Iran sanctions

    Thirteen of 15-member U.N. Security Council oppose U.S. push for Iran sanctions NEW YORK (Reuters) - The United States was further isolated on Friday over its bid to reimpose international sanctions on Iran with 13 countries on the 15-member U.N. Security Council expressing their opposition...
  14. raptor22

    The end of the deal, hopes, delusions and treasons

    Look Mohsen on the law and JCPoA context you're right sure it'd could be played and at the end its power that determines the outcome of all this show but it doesn't hurt anyone if you make your voice heard therefore if you are right and know it very well then raise it to the end if you don't...
  15. raptor22

    US isolated in snapback to Iran

    If americans authorities consider themselves as participant of the JCPoA base on 2231 UNSCR then why on earth they have violated both of them on the daily basis in past four years even stepped further putting their own law above int law by punishing everyone whom has tried to implement the UNSCR...
  16. raptor22

    Iran missile power

    Latest ...
  17. raptor22

    Iran missile power

    Haj Qasem missile: Terminal speed: mach 5 range: 1800 km CEP: 1 m :agree: Turing 17 ton Emad and Qadr missile to 7 ton while it's smaller and faster .. which AD system could intercept it? \ فیلد مارشال