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  1. joekrish

    Pakistan reports highest daily COVID-19 cases

    We don't need to fight each other. looks like carona will do our work
  2. joekrish

    Christchurch New Zealand l Multiple deaths after a terrorist opened fire on Friday prayers

    Our Hindutva mobs only take Mozi lives and disgracefull Pakis talking about Indians is nothing new. If the people who lost their lives in the Army school shoot out are swines then the rest of the statement is true. Sorry mate the truth is always harsh.
  3. joekrish

    Christchurch New Zealand l Multiple deaths after a terrorist opened fire on Friday prayers

    Karma is a Bit@h. It's sad that innocent lives are lost.
  4. joekrish

    We Will Surprise You | DG ISPR

    It is going to be tough.
  5. joekrish

    ICC asks Pakistan Cricket Board to pay 60 per cent of Indian board’s claimed cost in legal battle

    Enough of being a keyboard warrior do it and then come and talk. Time you grow some nuts.
  6. joekrish

    BCCI wants PCB to pay Rs300m as legal fee

    And also give them some pocket money.
  7. joekrish

    India and China allowed to buy Iranian oil: US

    US needs India more than India needs the US.
  8. joekrish

    Stone-pelters target school bus with 40 children in Kashmir, injure boy

    Bring back the pellet guns....the shaneless guys deserve nothing less.
  9. joekrish

    Tamil Nadu leader, DMK, Stalin suports formation of independent Dravida Nadu

    The politicians of Tamil Nadu are more than enough to destroy Tamil nadu. We don't want any help from the one you @manlion
  10. joekrish

    Female solo tourist talks about rape propaganda on India

    I follow her vlogs, her name is Evana and she is from the former Yogaslovakia now settled in Netherlands. Her first trip to India was to learn yoga and she went to Kochi. She fell in love with India and there after she started to travel all over. She has had some bad experiences but handled it...
  11. joekrish

    What is your favourite perfume?

    Your partly right I should be using Hindu Dior Sauvage. :rofl:
  12. joekrish

    What is your favourite perfume?

    Christian Dior Sauvage
  13. joekrish

    Sanskrit song replaces Tamil Motgher Song at IIT-Masdras

    I am sure the students will do the right thing and bring back the Tamil anthem. Jai Hind
  14. joekrish

    Has US forgotten Shakil Afridi,Doctor who aided the hunt for bin Laden and is languishing In Jail?

    Poda Patti... Not a bad idea at all. Your wish is our command.