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  1. Manidabest

    'Only Christian migrants allowed to save Europe's future'

    your situation is different than their 2ndly if some section of society in europe acts like nazi hindutva fascist regime then it doesnt mean that they r right.... two wrongs doesnt make one right
  2. Manidabest

    Will China Invade Taiwan Before the Communist Party Approaches its 100th Anniversary?

    Chinese have never invaded any country and China will never invade any country
  3. Manidabest

    LUMS - becoming a leftist militant breeding ground ?

    i think these leftists r those who smoke ice :cheers:
  4. Manidabest

    Update on Corona virus.

    Chinese people must stop eating such food and 2ndly yes Pakistani FO must reach out to those students and send one plane for their evacuation but they should b quarantined either in china or at the airport in Pakistan
  5. Manidabest

    PM Modi: Indian military does not need more than 10-12 days to defeat Pakistan

    if that is the case then indian army should have ventured against Pakistan and the dream of akhand bharat would have been fulfilled in his first tenure but ops dreams cant b reality
  6. Manidabest

    EU Spokesperson: Opinion of EU parliament do no represent official position of European Union

    moreover if true then it will look like the EU is a confused body
  7. Manidabest

    PTM leader Manzoor Pashteen arrested in Peshawar

    Good such people should be in jail because the problem is not that he stands for pashtuns but the problem is that he incites hatred towards other ethnicities in Pakistan and promote violence against our institution and he certainly doesnt represent all the Pashtuns of Pakistan
  8. Manidabest

    Saudi Arabia to stop funding mosques in foreign countries

    Alhumdulillah a great step for Pakistan.... and Pakistan should ban all kindof funding that includes NGO funding too
  9. Manidabest

    No one can dare divide Sindh, Kamal tells people of Larkana

    ohh its OKAY to divide Punjab but it is not fine to divide any other province in Pakistan wowwww.... Provinces shouldnt b divided in Pakistan its the governance system that needs to change
  10. Manidabest

    First Coronavirus case found in Pakistan

    This looks more like a 6th generation biological warfare....one can see it is harming the image of China and it is also spreading like a wildfire and killing them.
  11. Manidabest

    Ready to 'help' in Kashmir dispute, Trump tells Imran

    that was an ideal time for Pakistan to make any demand since US wanted to take 1. revenge from USSR for vietnam 2. U S wanted to become sole superpower in the world by defeating USSR through proxies.....
  12. Manidabest

    Ready to 'help' in Kashmir dispute, Trump tells Imran

    they r not sincere ... we could have taken the advantage during soviet war but our short sighted leadership didnt understand the game
  13. Manidabest

    Sarmad Khoosat receiving threats from religious extremist to hold release of 'ZIndagi Tamasha'

    1st of all the movie isnt anti islam nor it is promoting liberalism ..... dont b a narrow minded scum ... the movbie is about a religious man who gets singled out by the society because he danced on a function and it shows how our society has become a narrowminded society
  14. Manidabest

    Sarmad Khoosat receiving threats from religious extremist to hold release of 'ZIndagi Tamasha'

    mullahs r not above the law and should not hijack any issue nor they should be allowed to threat anyone
  15. Manidabest

    Libyan state council proposes cutting ties with UAE

    ur arab nationalism is dead
  16. Manidabest

    Are eggs helpful to our health

    it depends at what age do u have it
  17. Manidabest

    US Embassies in Pakistan and Iraq under security Alerts: US media

    well well it will be interesting to c what happens next