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  1. zeus

    Eurojet Promises better life cycle cost while pitching EJ200 for AMCA

    @WebMaster @samlove It Seems you have on purpose removed "Sources close to idrw.org" from the article on purpose and have also failed to put link back . Request to edit it or Admin please remove this thread . Admin idrw.org
  2. zeus

    Did US and India agreed to work on New F414 engine variant ?

    Did US and India agreed to work on New F414 engine variant ? | idrw.org
  3. zeus

    Zero for DRDO

    Someone emailed me today morning and requested me to visit this link , i am quite surprised by all the wrong publicity idrw has been getting on a pakistani forum by indian members . first of all IDRW is not on payroll of ABC or XYZ Has some members might insist everyone to believe and second it...
  4. zeus

    Five Indian Army peacekeepers killed in South Sudan: ministry

    RIP to the Dead , please provide link next time Five Indian Army peacekeepers killed in South Sudan: ministry | idrw.org
  5. zeus

    Navy to get four Fast Interception Craft

    Actually it is Produced in sri lanka i Guess . old 2011 article about the deal . The Indian Navy aiming to increase the security in the coastal areas around the country has decided to purchase 80 high speed interceptor boats from a Sri Lanka-based ship manufacturer at a cost of 67 million...
  6. zeus

    Naval guards: India moves to downgrade diplomatic ties with Italy

    If they are Murders then why people in Italy are treating them like War Heroes ?? They are Free people in Italy , once India agrees to their position , i bet all i have that Italian court will wind up the whole case in few months and Marines will be given token punishment (Few months ) and...
  7. zeus

    Hizbul Mujahideen takes responsibility for attack on CRPF camp

    It time to Nuke p.o.k , and clear the mess there .
  8. zeus

    Indian, Chinese fighter aircraft come face to face near Arunachal border

    SOURCE: INDIA TV NEWS Chinese nuclear-capable SU-27 fighter aircraft came close to a confrontation with Indian Air Force jets on October 30 afternoon in the Tawang region of Arunachal Pradesh, says a report in the Delhi tabloid Mail Today.The news report, said to be based on reports...
  9. zeus

    First Scorpene Submarine by 2015

    Nothing New , Waste of BW :undecided:
  10. zeus

    600 Afghan troops to be trained in India and over 100 in Indian Army’s jung

    SOURCE: NDTV LINK India has agreed to train upto 600 Afghan Army officers every year in India under a pact that President Hamid Karzai is expected to sign with India early next week, highly placed sources have told NDTV. The program is the first concrete follow-up on military-to-military...
  11. zeus

    India and Russia going to sign biggest-ever defence deal worth $ 35 billion

    First Indo-Russian FGFA aka PAK-fa to be unveiled in India by 2014
  12. zeus

    Dell takes swipe at Indian way of doing business

    How it relates to Indian defence ?? , once Dell ASM had told me , " Dell been market leader in India and has been Doing what apple does Premium Price for the DELL Brand but Laptops are not Impressive at least when compared to Apple " even if GOI wants to kick DELL out of India they will do any...
  13. zeus

    IAF Sukhoi-30 jets have a design flaw: Air Chief NAK Browne

    Not one but Two Su-30mki has been lost due to Fly-By-Wire problems and 1 was lost due to engine fire due to leaking fuel pump , first crashed due to wrong button activated leading to Fly-By-Wire failure but it should have allowed a recovery but that never happen due to fault in Fly-By-Wire, and...
  14. zeus

    Arjun MK2 1st Pic arrived

    India today is the source please pick up latest issue in stands , ohh wait its August 5 edition
  15. zeus

    DRDO, Army working on futuristic artillery gun

    India will produce Licensed version of Bofors and will also be producing Improved variant , by that time local variant will fill numbers , in next ten years no one is working on new guns , this is the right time for DRDO to work on new guns , rather then start it late , i am confident that...
  16. zeus

    How Pakistan helped India during 1962 war with China

    Sentiments before 1965 war was different , earlier Kashmir war was somewhat indirect since Pakistan attacked Kashmir and then India entered , 1971 war and birth of Bangladesh war due to pure hatred ,which settled in 1965 and remained so for all this years
  17. zeus

    Photos of LCH trials

    Its Army Aviation Pilots who are testing it and modifications have been conducted under feed back from IA , but still IAF on the LCH , seems like both will have standard version , and since IA will have 3 times more fleet then IAF , IA is doing the talking and not IAF
  18. zeus

    India to build second aircraft carrier

    INS Viraat is 53 year old ship and it will serve for next few more years , i don't think it can carry on for a decade more .
  19. zeus

    Indian Navy to induct 24 Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft

    C-130J numbers will go upto 20 nos , since we already have facility for them .
  20. zeus

    Indian soldier killed in Pakistani firing

    Pakistani will say Indians fired first and India will say Pakistani fired first and the game goes on , R.I.P to soul of that soldier and i am sure that casualty on pak side is just around the corner :hitwall: