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  1. mkb95

    LOC Updates...8 Indian Soldiers Died

    site working fine for me. here is a screenshot of his part.
  2. mkb95

    LOC Updates...8 Indian Soldiers Died

    fake. dp is taken from NIT delhi college website. https://nitdelhi.ac.in/?page_id=13320
  3. mkb95

    Debunking Indian claims of F-16 firing AIM-120C AMRAAM

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D0gYVIWUYAAVnMt.jpg?format=jpg&name=orig original document. clearly stats it was sold to pakistan. person who edited your document even spelled taiwan wrong.
  4. mkb95

    BREAKING : Pak Navy vessels are due to arrive in the Maldives within the next few days: Maldives MP

    11% people in india shit in open while its 22% in pakistan. Let that sink in. https://www.dawn.com/news/1297101 https://www.dawn.com/news/1168630
  5. mkb95

    'Misleading' coverage of UK Muslims fueling hostility

    totally misleading. and major pakistani pedophile gang that was busted has nothing to do with it.
  6. mkb95

    Top 4 current ''Major'' Fake victories of Indian Military

    in one of the cj post video it said indian army has the most homosexual in whole world. i couldnt stopped laughing for whole minute.
  7. mkb95

    Indian Special Forces

    what are those 3 balloon like structure at 1:54?
  8. mkb95

    Pak Army Requesting Talks with Indian Army: Claims Indian Media

    NEW DELHI: HIGHLIGHTS India retaliated with massive fire assault today for soldier's beheading Pak and Indian military commanders speak at Pak's request Pak's top foreign policy official, Sartaj Aziz, confirms visit to India A day after India accused Pakistan of beheading a soldier in...
  9. mkb95

    3 (Pakistani) soldiers martyred and 7 (Indian) soldiers killed in LOC firing

    a pak army soldier's twitter acc. official confirmation http://www.dawn.com/news/1298159/3-pakistan-army-soldiers-killed-in-exchange-of-fire-with-indian-troops-near-loc-ispr
  10. mkb95

    Indian Army destroys Pakistani posts on LoC

    so those bunch of old house took multiple hits from big rounds and still standing? and soldiers take cover when there post is being hammered and not fire back. he is always ready to give links,but not this time :lol:
  11. mkb95

    Indian Army destroys Pakistani posts on LoC

    whats the source for this?
  12. mkb95

    Iraq thanks India for treating wounded soldiers from Mosul fighting the ISIS

    Iraq has thanked India for medical support to its forces fighting the Islamic State in Mosul. Iraqi ambassador Fakhri Hassan Mahdi Al-Issa told The Hindu that the country’s Defence Ministry has been sending injured soldiers and volunteers of National Mobilisation from the battlefield to India...
  13. mkb95

    5 Indian Posts Destroyed in Pakistan Firing at LoC

    its all about releasing footage or not.we can also release many footage like this.
  14. mkb95

    ISRO plans manned mission to moon in 2014

    we were also talking about mars mission,guess what happened. @waz @Oscar check out this troll.
  15. mkb95

    Bofors ghost finally buried, 155mm howitzers coming for Indian Army

    in case enemy get close and you need a knife. they would just pick it up and stab him to death.
  16. mkb95

    Indian Special Forces

    this was from joint indra ex.i dont think we sent any sf so these must be regulars.
  17. mkb95

    Indian positions getting toasted

    so its someones house in the middle of nowhere,on top of the hill with pak flag flying. *facepalm meme insert here and of course its fake,just like every single photo and video of pak posts getting destroyed.
  18. mkb95

    Indian positions getting toasted

    returning the favor
  19. mkb95

    Indian Special Forces

    which unit?