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  1. trident2010

    India and China agree to ease tension on border

    I am sure this is exactly what Bajwaa and Imran is saying to Chinis . Chini army is going to run over Indian army in no time 👍🏼
  2. trident2010

    Featured India: Stop Using Pellet-Firing Shotguns in Kashmir

    It is the good solution as per UN resolution but then according to the resolution first both Pakistan and China (Aksai Chin) need to empty the occupied Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan region etc and India can keep his army in full J&K region in minimum numbers. Then secondly all the population ratio...
  3. trident2010

    Tata Boeing Aerospace Hyderabad facility delivers first AH-64 Apache fuselage

    Very nice pic of Bajrang bali ! Please share the source. Thanks
  4. trident2010

    Design of Tejas’ next version almost done, AESA radar Next Month

    DRDO and HAL are biggest gapodi :D Talk when you have something to show !
  5. trident2010

    ISRO: GSAT-6A Mission

    Very nice pics ! Impressed with ISRO. Good luck for the launch :tup:
  6. trident2010

    Arjun Mk2 set to be inducted

    Well done ! :tup:
  7. trident2010

    When coterminous Pakistan fought Alexander the Great and almost brought him down to his knees.

    Indians are the people of Indus and deccan and ganges. So according to you pakistanis are Hindu Indians converted to muslims. Good with me :tup: Most of pakistanis here denies their Indian heritage :)
  8. trident2010

    When coterminous Pakistan fought Alexander the Great and almost brought him down to his knees.

    Pakistan at 326 BC :laughcry: It was mighty Indians / Hindu kings fought and defeated Alexander :tup:
  9. trident2010

    None ready to take over as LeT head in Kashmir

  10. trident2010

    BRICS declaration mentions terrorism by Pak-based Lashkar-e-Taiba , Jaish-e-Mohammad

    http://static.kremlin.ru/media/events/files/en/mEsqRkedzqYLDwxo6AbZnCkmAo9Xta3d.pdf http://www.mea.gov.in/Uploads/PublicationDocs/28912_XiamenDeclaratoin.pdf Page 21 :tup:
  11. trident2010

    South Korea tests new ballistic missile

    Wow. Look at the quality of footages. ISRO and DRDO should get this to improve its coverage quality.
  12. trident2010

    Army to get six heavy-duty Apache attack helicopters

    NEW DELHI: The Army will finally get its own heavy-duty attack helicopters after a bitter tussle with the IAF over the last several years. The defence ministry on Thursday cleared the acquisition of six Apache attack helicopters, armed with Hellfire and Stinger missiles, for the Army at a cost...
  13. trident2010

    Gen. Musharaff: India, Pakistan should 'meet halfway'

    Oh yes, we won't forget it and let you forget it too :P
  14. trident2010

    Gen. Musharaff: India, Pakistan should 'meet halfway'

    We already met you inside East Pakistan and carved you nice and slow.. lolz :tup:
  15. trident2010

    BJP to alter Article 35A on permanent residents in J&K?

    If they could pull it off then it would be awesome :tup:
  16. trident2010

    5 terrorists killed in Kashmir's Machil sector after infiltration bid

    72 hoors bring served by Indian Army .. :toast_sign::smitten::rofl:
  17. trident2010

    Kabul requests India to launch exclusive satellite for Afghanistan

    India should launch this satellite for free. Afgan brothers and sisters should get all the help from India for their development as needed.
  18. trident2010

    Good luck shri Tarek Fatah ;)

    Don't say this. It is a horrible disease and I have seen it very closely. I wish even an arch enemy should not suffer this. I hope you recover from this Mr Fateh.
  19. trident2010

    Hafiz Saeed to Rebrand JuD, will register his political party with the Election Commission of Pak

    But Hafiz "Saahaab" is not a terrorist. He is a social worker and celebrated freedom fighter. I support him for pak next PM :tup: