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  1. Averroes

    Saudi Crown Prince MBS arrives in India

    not so much muslim as it is Muslim Killer Shoes, he has killed more Muslims in Yemen, than India could ever dream of killing in Kashmir. They both have strong israeli links. educate yourself.
  2. Averroes

    Saudi Arabia will invest $20 Billion dollars in Pakistan's economy.

    Are we forgetting that Israel wants to destroy Pakistan? Are we forgetting the deep Saudi - Israeli intelligence ties? They are using this money to destroy us.
  3. Averroes

    No room for Iran in China-Pakistan economic cooperation

    Its unfortunate we cant have better relations with Iran. Iranians are an intelligent people, who like us they suffer from crippling sanctions. Unlike us though, theyre better at being self sufficient and are nowhere near the level of debt and corruption we suffer. However, they are naive and...
  4. Averroes

    US Freez Pakistani aid

    We do not need any aid from the US. alhamdulillah.
  5. Averroes

    The SAUDIfighter Typhoon??

    will these eurofighters stop qatar from taking over KSA ? it's quite pathetic how these arabs name themselves after a family. what if Pakistanis were all called Jinnahs instead? Except our founding fathers weren't some uneducated pricks put in place by the british. they demolish all of the...
  6. Averroes

    Iran: A "Role Model" For Pakistan To Get Self-Reliance in Defence

    I'd rather follow the role model of Iran and die honourably for the sake of Islam, than live like a slave (Pakistan). We cannot even fire on locked on indian jets that invade our airspace because USA says no.
  7. Averroes

    CIA chief believes Cheney almost wants US attacked

    and it all starts to unfold... 911
  8. Averroes

    Iran slams Arab 'traitors' in Gaza crisis

    Iran will always fight for the just cause, they gave hundreds of thousands of their young soldiers against the war with Iraq backed by the world. What's really brave is how Israel can bomb european mobile medical units, and UN schools, and aids organisations. The bravest nation of them all is...
  9. Averroes

    Russian S-300 anti-air weapon delivered to Iran

    Press TV: Israel worried about S-300 sale to Iran Fri, 19 Dec 2008 11:14:55 GMT Israel urges Russia not to supply Iran with advanced S-300 missile defense systems, claiming the arms delivery would put peace at stake. "The deliveries of dangerous armaments to our enemies won't serve the...
  10. Averroes

    Arjun News & Discussions

    Indegenious Development? While the project had started as an in-house project, there has been a significant level of foreign involvement in the past few years in this project. Israeli contracters working with DRDO on the Tank has already been well documented in the public media, but sources...
  11. Averroes

    IAI, DRDO May Jointly Produce Long Ranged Surface To Air Missiles

    Dated 22/8/2008 The government has not decided on a joint venture with Israel for the production of missiles. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has earlier entered into a contract with M/s. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Israel to jointly develop a Long Range...
  12. Averroes

    India, Qatar May Conduct Joint Naval Exercises

    A Qatar-India joint naval exercise is in the offing. The discussions regarding the possible naval exercise are in an advanced stage, Rear Admiral Shekhar Sinha, Flag Officer Commanding, Western Fleet (FOCW), Indian Navy, said here yesterday. Sinha was speaking to reporters at a press...
  13. Averroes

    Nawaz Shareef agreement with Govt ( view)

    seriously, how stupid are our fellow pakistanis? if the majority do elect him then I guess the nation deserves to suffer.
  14. Averroes

    Blasts rock Indian Hyderabad, 33 dead

    India media and blaim is done without any evidence. As was the case with the last such incident in which they kept blaiming Pakistan whilst providing no proof even though Pakistan demanded the proof for the ridiculous accusations.
  15. Averroes

    IA's new carrier

    Is this a big deal? I'm not following.
  16. Averroes

    Salman's Sentence Upheld

    what the hell is wrong with them? does it make you feel like a man by killing defenceless animals ?
  17. Averroes

    RAF jets scrambled to intercept Russian bomber

    could you build a bit on that statement please? in terms of what tech are they ahead? you mean that they can beat anything Russians have to offer?
  18. Averroes

    Who sided with Israel in killing the Lebanese in 2006?

    It was precisely that mindset and inaccurate assessment of what Hizbullah is, that allowed them to be victorious. We saw that the entire nation backing them up during the clash, apart from the factions funded and supported by the US and Saudi Arabia.
  19. Averroes

    Hamas attacking its own people

    The reason why hamas came to power was because of fatah's inability to govern and the inherent corruption within that faction. The video doesn't give us all the facts surrounding the situation, so I wouldn't be quick to judge. although violence against civilians are abhorrent, and in the current...
  20. Averroes

    IDF boosts Arrow defenses in North

    Aug 23, 2007 23:55 | Updated Aug 23, 2007 23:55 Fearing Syrian missile onslaught, IDF boosts Arrow defenses in North Predicting that Israel's future wars will be characterized by unprecedented missile barrages, the IDF has decided to modify its missile defense doctrine and has changed its...