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  1. Vassnti

    Diplomacy is also a child's play...

    Only one of them is likeable and neither is good for you ;)
  2. Vassnti

    A secretive space drone just broke its own orbit record, and almost no one knows what it’s doing

    Its where they hide the aliens when they think people are going to storm area 51
  3. Vassnti

    Siberian tiger crosses a highway in Yanbian ethnic Korean autonomous city in N. China

    Nice thought but difficult when the territory of a single tiger can be 100sq K and have been tracked covering over 1000k traveling, would be a lot of underpasses that never get used.
  4. Vassnti

    Kashmir: Imran Khan says Pakistan will ‘teach India a lesson’

    Frequently used figure of a "limited " exchange between India and Pakistan 20million casualties. Place those coffins end to end and you would circle the world 3 times, that is a horror none of us can really imagine. Reasons that show the Chechens lost : Ramzan Kadyrov.
  5. Vassnti

    Air Showdown NATO jet harassing Russian plane carrying minsiter

    In this case the aircraft dispatched to intercept and shadow the aircraft is a Spanish Air Force EF-18, one of the 5 jets currently deployed to Siauliai Air Base, Lithuania, for BAP mission. The Russian aircraft operate with no FPL, on-board transponders off, and usually do not maintain radio...
  6. Vassnti

    Meet the US’s spy system of the future- it’s Sentient

    You can assume the NRO version is into more things than the old private Black Sky. So is Sentient on PDF? and how long before it receives a mobile component?
  7. Vassnti

    ICE Deports Iraqi man who died due to Type 1 diabetes.

    wrong that some one is deported and no plan is made for his care in the destination country. What I am wondering, the International diabetes foundation lists 1,411,500 diabetics in Iraq who presumably receive treatment and if required insulin, why could this man not obtain treatment?
  8. Vassnti

    Dear PDF family I am leaving

    recovers from small heart attack, oh just a holiday lol Have fun don't log on at all , enjoy time with your family there is never enough time for that. The rabble will still be here when you get back we can just tag you so there are a thousand things to look into then ;)
  9. Vassnti

    Sighting of foxes on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount triggers prophecy theories about third Jewish

    Foxes were also seen playing in London heralding the down fall of Brexit, frolicking in Moscow heralding the promotion of Putin to Czar and not walking in Tasmania proving we wasted millions looking for them.
  10. Vassnti

    What's behind the decision to revoke the status of Indian administered Kashmir? | Inside Story

    A Pakistan balanced debate on Kashmir "Its ours" An Indian balance debate on Kashmir "its ours" A situation that requires the wisdom of Solomon, cut the baby in half and give half to each. Perhaps then we would see the mother that thinks more of the child than them selves, who would say no, it...
  11. Vassnti

    The worst countries in Europe for traffic fatalities

    No Russia? 15k drive from Konkovo to centre of Moscow 5 accidents 3 ambulances.
  12. Vassnti

    Who will be Trump's next intelligence chief?

    Hopefully Sue Gordon https://www.thecipherbrief.com/column_article/sue-gordon-speaking-truth-power-including-president
  13. Vassnti

    U.S. designates Brazil a 'Major Non-NATO Ally'

    Not fair, I like Brazil, the dancing the people they deserve much better than being made an ally. Now they will get the shaft from trump like Germany, France and Canada did. Your much better off threatening the US on a weekly basis then trump sucks up to you.
  14. Vassnti

    Imran Khan's Historic Washington Rally: The Largest Ever For a Visiting Foreign Leader

    Imran Khan's Historic Washington Rally: The Largest Ever Opps , when trump hears there goes your aid
  15. Vassnti

    Avoid the #OSINT trap

    Run for president then you can break all the rules and still keep your account. No they don't, haven't you seen all the threads that if they ran PDF my/our way it would be perfect ;)
  16. Vassnti

    Iranian special forces capture British ship [Video]

    Boris state the UK will not be part of an American war on Iran. IRG loonies hijack British tanker Makes you wonder who is actually in charge in Iran?
  17. Vassnti

    Zombie deer appearing all over North America!

    Its the rads keep you safe ;) But back on track its still probably safer to eat venison than beef, so far there are no recoded cases of people being infected from zombie deer however there are plenty of people who have died from zombie cattle. "Mad cow disease, for example, is a prion disease...
  18. Vassnti

    Putin Tells Elton John Russia ‘Unbiased’ Toward LGBT Community

    Actually perhaps the beginning as well? "Every emperor with the exception of Claudius took male lovers " Gibbon, Edward (1781). The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. The world has survived people being gay up till now it will in the future, the devil/fascists/gays are coming...
  19. Vassnti

    Iranian boats attempted to seize British tanker

    But boarding either by ship to ship of by helicopter would be illegal. Playing chicken with the tanker captain and trying to get him to sail into Iranian territorial water still leaves a shred of deniability. When faced with twin Mk44 Bushmaster II's in a speed boat the correct direction to...
  20. Vassnti

    One killed, 21 wounded in new attack on Saudi airport

    I do wonder seeing it seems Ok for one side of the Yemini conflict to lob missiles and drones at Saudi airports if the vocal supporters of that think that it would then be Ok if the other side lobbed missiles at Iranian airports?