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  1. Kinetic

    Atlantic aircraft of Pakistan Navy .. Shot Down on 10th August 1999.

    It was all your COAS's fault including Kargil. Now he is sitting in London and enjoying. In 1971 also you killed 10 times more. Just at last you had to sign little paper. Only difference in 1965 was, you did not sign it. All were same.
  2. Kinetic

    India will DESTROY Pak CRIPPLE China in twofront nuclear war:Retd Indian army lieutenant bs Jaswal

    If there is a war between India and China, Pakistan will be destroyed by both. It is acting as proxy of China and giving away land like a colony. @Janbaz Rao @Windjammer @snow lake @django :triniti: CPEC, why are you so happy to be a colony of China? You are even advertising it!
  3. Kinetic

    Level of Quality Education in Government School (BEST)

    And this loser talking about India!
  4. Kinetic

    The good news from Pakistan By Joanna Reid

    Good work by Joanna. @Janbaz Rao
  5. Kinetic

    India-China busy in Arakan, Bangladesh only viewers

    You forgot China's name? Or you far to name your master? You are been USA and China's toilet. Now become India's.
  6. Kinetic

    Bangladesh must punish ‘lovers of Pakistan’ : Hasina

    Half of the razakars here must be $hitting on lungi! :yahoo: @idune @monitor @Al-zakir @T-Rex
  7. Kinetic

    How India’s ASTRA Air-To-Air Missile Is Quietly Killing It

    J-20 gone! IAF chief said, SU-30 will destroy J-20! Thats why Chinese bought Su-35! lol
  8. Kinetic

    China quietly & cleverly finds a new route to S. Doklam, 7 months after India stopped it

    This Pakistani spent so many nights being a Chinese that he now that in front of mirror he hates his dirty face.
  9. Kinetic

    India ready to tackle any situation in Doklam, says Defence Minister

    Chinese slave, India is where India was during stand off. China can do whatever they want on their side. But on the point where they were stopped still belongs to India (Bhutan). Those cowards can make any number of holes on back to hide, we give$hit.
  10. Kinetic

    BrahMos Missile Test On March 22 was a lot less Russian, and a lot more Indian

    Both Astra and Brahmos have Indian seekers now.
  11. Kinetic

    Indian Air Force says it can tackle Chinese J-20 jets

    J-20 is Chinese enough said! Any time on your head! Only Pakistan, Somalia, North Korea etc will buy it.
  12. Kinetic

    Indian Air Force much stronger compared to PLAF - IAF chief

    We have Rafale, MKI, Tejas, AESA equipped Jags, Mirage 2009 mk II, Mig-29SMT while PLAAF has vintage SU 30 Mk and J-10 which is a laughing stock.
  13. Kinetic

    Indian Navy drone crashes in Porbandar

    Your missiles and aircrafts are made with djinn technologies, they never ever crash. Just like across LOC your soldiers never dies, it all Deep State. lol India has 200 Herons.
  14. Kinetic

    Chinese crackdown separates Pakistani husbands from Uighur wives

    All the Muslims in China are third grade citizens. But due to brainwashed theory some Pakistanis here would do anything to cheerleader for China. @Janbaz Rao @snow lake @faithfulguy @Feng Leng and other Pakistan.
  15. Kinetic

    Pakistan all set to seek $2 bn from friendly country

    Negotiations with the brotherly Muslim country having a generous attitude towards Pakistan in the past are also under way and there is expectation that a relief of about $1.5 billion will be provided to Pakistan. A source without giving details of this arrangement stated this was also done in...
  16. Kinetic

    5 Indian soldiers injured in Intense Pakistani response at LOC

    When you are slapped strongly than you start crying! FATF was mentioned because you said about the world. Now that reflects what the world thinks about you. Out of 36 countries even single one did not vote for you. All think you are supporter of terrorists. lol And about bringing China by you...
  17. Kinetic

    5 Indian soldiers injured in Intense Pakistani response at LOC

    This shows your master China is a coward and backstabber. See how he is hitting from back and running away when confronted. Beggar cowards. Yeah , it was India which was cornered in FATF and in India no one wants to come for even a Cricket match!!! I do not remember any world leader visiting...
  18. Kinetic

    Live : India vs Bangladeshi, Final

    Some idiot. He is irritating. I expect all the BD razakars do a Nagin dance for us here... @monitor @Al-zakir @idune
  19. Kinetic

    Live : India vs Bangladeshi, Final

    Last ball 6!!! India's C grade team won against BD. Anyway, BD played well.
  20. Kinetic

    Live : India vs Bangladeshi, Final

    Do more Nagin dance... :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: