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  1. Pak_Sher

    Featured India’s Ajit Doval leaves the SCO meeting after seeing Kashmir map behind Pakistani delegation.

    Maybe India will back down with this imaginary attote uug that is already a disaster policy.
  2. Pak_Sher

    Chinese robots to be employed for Matiari-Lahore transmission line

    This will help develop AI Talent and expertise in Pakistan
  3. Pak_Sher

    PLA drones deliver food to the soliders stationing at the frontline as troops massing along China India border

    https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/strategic-paris-delhi-canberra-axis-gets-off-to-a-flying-start-amid-china-tension/story-NCGSsM222KMyoZXxpEGnwJ.html India is creating alliances to corner China. So they want to pitch US, Australia, Japan, Australia, Indonesia etc against China.
  4. Pak_Sher

    PLA drones deliver food to the soliders stationing at the frontline as troops massing along China India border

    Indian Troops have fought Pakistan in Siachin for 35 years and their mountain divisions gave the equipment and training to handle harsh winters. My advice is to not underestimate the Indians because a snake is always hideous and will always bite whenever there is a chance. What I am seeing is...
  5. Pak_Sher

    Chinese anti tank and low flying aircrafts missiles being deployed on the Indian border

    India deserves a beating for creating conflict with pretty much every neighbor around it. Nazi based Hindu Fundamentalist Terrorist mindset needs to be defeated and eliminated.
  6. Pak_Sher

    Navy E2C Hawkeye crashes in Virginia

    Very unfortunate. May the fallen rest in peace.
  7. Pak_Sher

    Featured American Business Council delegation calls on PM Imran Khan

    US is the most important business partner and we need to build our relationship further.
  8. Pak_Sher

    Tunnel found between India and Pakistan

    Indian propaganda, there is no proof about the location of the tunnel. Fake video.
  9. Pak_Sher

    India to pull out 10,000 troops from Jammu and Kashmir

    Step in the right direction
  10. Pak_Sher

    Beautiful churches in Pakistan.

    Protection of minorities & their faith should be a core pillar of an Islamic Society
  11. Pak_Sher

    Beautiful churches in Pakistan.

    Nice pictures. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Pak_Sher

    Remittances reached highest ever amount in one month in the history of Pakistan: PM

    Cracking down on Hawala System is a great achievement by itself. With 300,000 Overseas Pakistanis laid off in GCC and we have a record that is a great achievement.
  13. Pak_Sher

    Korean-American software engineer claims discrimination by Intel managers of Indian descen

    Indians do want majority Indians dominate IT. I have seen it in North America for 2+ decades