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  1. HRK

    Featured After Rejecting Indian F16 Claim, Christine Fair holds Afghanistan responsible for Mess in the Region

    Afghanistan 'meddling' inside Pakistani borders since 1947, but organized attacks and invasions by Afghan Forces started during 1949-1950 .... in 1951 they Afghan Forces did this idiotic back stabbing [link]
  2. HRK

    Chinese Tanks & Armored Vehicles

    VT-4 in Pakistan ..... it will be employed in Offensive role by strike formations after induction
  3. HRK

    :: Pakistan Air Force vids - Edited on Adobe Premiere ::

    you surely know the art to keep the viewers bind with your videos ..... :tup::tup::tup:
  4. HRK

    Nawaz Sharif joins twitter, confirms Maryam Nawaz

  5. HRK

    Nawaz Sharif joins twitter, confirms Maryam Nawaz

    plz someone post this in reply to this tweet پہلے آپ خود تو اپنے وٹر کو عزت دو، پاکستان واپس آو، پاکستان میں علاج کراو
  6. HRK

    Featured IAF Su-30MKI starts getting New Secured Radio and Radio altimeter

    Now after this report just read previous Indian Claims of no EW interference against their Defence package and Su-30s and Mirage were call back ONLY because they were outnumbered by PAF striking package on 27-Feb, further there were claims of recording of communication b/w PAF F-16 pilots which...
  7. HRK

    VT-4 MBT in Pakistan

    Members who are questioning this many number of different tanks need to understand one more thing that - Type-59/69 are 2nd gen tanks, - Type-85-II are much improve 2nd gen tanks, - T-80UD and AK series are 3rd gen Tanks, - As far AZ is concern we can say its an attempt to bring it closer to...
  8. HRK

    VT-4 MBT in Pakistan

    Type-85 is second generation tank based on second generation Chinese Type-80 tank Chassis which itself was based on Type-79 and Type-79 is the further evolution of Type-69 tank of China, as far as commonality is concern Type-59 and Type-69 share 50%-60% components while Type-85 share around...
  9. HRK

    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

    brother I think you are getting it all wrong by GHQ [link] mean an special subsection where you can raise your objection directly to the forum administrator ..... secondly we have a certain decorum at the forum which mean all the members are required to respect it and follow it additionally...
  10. HRK

    Featured COAS visited Gujranwala today - ISPR

    No not similar to Indian IBG concept, please read the quote excerpt below [link] further in its press release ISPR clearly states
  11. HRK

    Notify PAF Aircraft Crashes

    17-241 with Aselpod in one of the previous flights .....
  12. HRK

    DRDO to build directed energy weapons for future combat

    Anything indigenous which is operational for 'current combat' at LAC ..... :whistle::whistle::whistle:
  13. HRK

    Dogfights of Pakistan Air Force - Animated Series

    nice in fact commendable effort
  14. HRK

    Pakistan Army Aviation Corps - Updated

    first batch ....???
  15. HRK

    A discrepancy in serial no of R-73 missile displayed by Pakistan

    hahaha .... my dear your effort not even worth the bandwidth which you have wasted .... BTW Don't ever try to include me in your attempts of self fellatio .....
  16. HRK

    Inside indian Kilo Class sub

    Nope in Nov-2016 incident it was U-209 and in March-2019 incident it was Scorpene Submarine which were detected by PN
  17. HRK

    Woman raped on Lahore Ring Road, infront of her two children.

    As per SC decision this issue is settled as blood money does not resolve the obligation of state in cases which fall in Fasad Fil Ard category .... and automatically resume the role of prosecution even if the victim family accept to receive blood money and try to withdraw the case, one such...
  18. HRK

    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

    agreed its not M-346 as intakes are also different