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  1. Chogy

    China deeply suspicious of US Air Force's X-37B space plane

    One must admit that a 15 month autonomous mission is pretty impressive. Is it military? Undoubtedly, but probably sensors, not active weapons. If the human race has a space war, the crap that would envelope the earth in orbit could make space inaccessible for decades or hundreds of years. We...
  2. Chogy

    U.S. regains Supercomputing Crown, bests China, Japan.

    These supercomputers are awesome. Beyond all the numbers, they can do things like accurately model otherwise impossible scenarios, like weather, atomic bombs and physics, fluid computations, astrophysics, etc. One of the better examples I saw was a simulation of a galaxy being formed... they...
  3. Chogy

    2 Suspects Dead in China Plane Hijack Attempt

    Believe me, the days of hijacking an airplane anywhere in the world by displaying a weapon of any kind, are long gone. Doesn't matter if the hijacker whips out an AK-47, the passengers KNOW they are dead anyhow, and will rush and beat/kill the terrorists. Two or three USA hijacker attempts...
  4. Chogy

    Guns From Saddam Hussein's Cockpit

    The submachine gun with the big magazine sticking out the left side is a Sterling, a British subgun circa WW2. A very nice gun, actually, still effective. The gold plating on these things, if taken off and melted, would probably be less than an ounce of gold. A little gold goes a very long...
  5. Chogy

    David Cameron: Britain Will Never Surrender The Falkland Islands

    We've been down the "colonial reversion" road before, and it's a mess that will never be solved. In centuries past, land ownership changed by conquest. With few exceptions, there were aboriginal people living in a desirable tract of land. If the world decides tomorrow that all land won by...
  6. Chogy

    1 gigaton nuclear weapon

    Even a modest sized asteroid packs more energy than the entire world nuclear arsenal, and they don't destroy the Earth. Nuke power is vastly overrated. Scaling up a H-bomb, very true, but as applesauce says, not practical. They end up weighing too much. But you could, in theory, build one...
  7. Chogy

    PAF and US women pilots and service women

    Actually, that was one of the BIG problems in the early years, the 1990's. The political pressure was on to have female fighter pilots, and the first batch received special treatment and reduced standards. Even today, I'd strongly suspect there are quotas and such that must be filled. If so...
  8. Chogy

    russia places 6 nuclear warheads on the western front near poland

    At the time (early 1960's), the Russian missiles on their soil could not reach the USA. By placing INTERMEDIATE range missiles in Cuba, they were able to threaten all of the USA. Since then, missiles have matured with true global reach. No need to move individual warheads.
  9. Chogy

    Twenty US soldiers involved in Kandahar killings

    There is absolutely NO evidence for this, Aryan_B. The videotape shows the lone gunman returning from the village and surrendering. If there were 20 crazed soldiers, there'd be a lot more dead, I am afraid. Pretty much everyone I've talked to would have no problem turning this guy over to...
  10. Chogy

    David Cameron: Britain Will Never Surrender The Falkland Islands

    This is maddening. How many times are we going to revisit the Falklands on PDF? The facts are simple. The Falklands were totally uninhabited rocks in the ocean until GB began colonization. Ever since man set sail, finder's keepers on uninhabited islands. Just because they are physically...
  11. Chogy

    russia places 6 nuclear warheads on the western front near poland

    Nuclear warheads don't need to be "placed" anywhere... they are deliverable in minutes to any place on the globe by missile. Russia has had nukes pointed at Europe, China, and the USA (among others) for decades. Physically moving nukes does nothing.
  12. Chogy

    An Indian facing hate crime charges in USA.

    Posting stuff like he did on Twitter - NOT cool. Kicking your roommate out so you can make it with some dude - also NOT cool. There is fault on both sides. But nothing IMO that he should be jailed for. If the gay guy was so hypersensitive about his situation that he'd commit suicide over...
  13. Chogy

    PAF and US women pilots and service women

    Can they make me a sandwich while pulling 6 G? ;) I used to be dead-set against female combat pilots. not because they can't fly, but because of the effect on squadron bonding. There really is a "Band of Brothers" effect in a good squadron. I initially thought "Let them form all-female...
  14. Chogy


    Thorium as a fuel in these systems is very viable, and I think we will see more of it in the decades to come. Humorous story - decades ago, anti-nuclear peace freak types were camped out by a reactor, protesting the existence of evil nuclear power. A representative of the nuclear people...
  15. Chogy

    US 7 aircraft carriers at Norfolk

    I believe those may be old carriers in storage... but I am not positive. The likelihood of 7 active carriers being parked like that is pretty low.
  16. Chogy

    Solar storm headed toward Earth may disrupt power grids, flights

    And I get to fly through all that hard radiation. These things are genuinely dangerous.
  17. Chogy

    Kuwait Requests AIM-9X-2 Sidewinder Missiles

    So it has NOTHING to do with the proven, combat effectiveness of these missiles and platforms?
  18. Chogy

    Kuwait Requests AIM-9X-2 Sidewinder Missiles

    Defend themselves? 1991 ring a bell?
  19. Chogy

    Drones are the future

    My simple point was that anyone with money and a bit of imagination can make his own cruise missile with totally off-the-shelf components.
  20. Chogy

    Stupid and funny from all over the world - II

    Not possible. Liquid does not expand when the pressure decreases. If there was a large amount of actual GAS inside the implants, which shouldn't be, then yes, the gas would expand as the altitude increases. Same with "intestinal gas" i.e. farts. The altitude chambers (used by Air Forces for...