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  1. alee92nawaz

    Mobile phone imports surge 87.37pc in July-Aug FY21

    Only if they lessen the ridiculous taxes especially on the kit type phones.......
  2. alee92nawaz

    Featured Military leadership had asked parliamentary leaders not to drag it into politics

    And still boot kissers will say that there is de*mock*racy in Pakistan.
  3. alee92nawaz

    Featured Govt moves amendment bill in NA: Ridiculing armed forces, personnel to be a crime

    Bullshitt. What the hell is going on? They have captured almost every institution by inserting some general in it and now this.
  4. alee92nawaz

    Notify PAF Aircraft Crashes

    Because we are naaris and they are noories. We pay for the toys but can't ask about them
  5. alee92nawaz

    UAE Covid-19 vaccine is safe to use, cleared for health staff

    Have they completed the phase 3 trial?
  6. alee92nawaz

    Featured Indian Soldiers Fired Warning Shots At Bank Of Pangong Lake, Claims China

    Both are propaganda machines and none have the mettle to fight
  7. alee92nawaz

    Punjab Police Receives Salary Increment of up to 120%, made equal to that of PAS officers.

    Lol they already have a good package along with all the facilities and the DHAs and s and getting civilian posts etc
  8. alee92nawaz

    Enough With The Indian Mig-21 Bison Versus Pakistani F-16 Viper Bullshit

    Murder weapon of SU-30mki. Ignore the stupid gibberish in text
  9. alee92nawaz

    Featured Coronavirus strain that is '10 times more infectious' detected in Malaysia

    Cases on the rise in Pakistan as well. Hearing about cases in naran valley
  10. alee92nawaz

    Chinese team arrives in Rawalpindi tomorrow to study train service for twin cities

    Everything for lahore and these big cities. Nothing for South Punjab except a half arsed secretariat
  11. alee92nawaz

    DC ShikarPur Naveed Larik: DIG Take Off Police Security From DC on His Action

    Mera dada bh kehta tha " these hoes ain't loyal "
  12. alee92nawaz

    COVID-19 vaccine could be available by October after “world first” facility in Beijing granted produ

    Misleading title. There's time before the phase 3 results come in and they get regulatory approval
  13. alee92nawaz

    PAF & Rafale Story Will Not Go Away !

    Indian AF new all about F-16 but didn't really help them
  14. alee92nawaz

    !965 WAR: Why IAF did not have fighter equipped with AA Missiles, PAK had (F86F, F104 Starfighters)

    IAF had the numbers. Alot of dogfights were won, using guns.