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    Blue Homeland (Mavi Vatan)

    For political reason, majority states in EU may side with the Greeks and impose sanction on Turkey, But Turks have their own economic forum i.e. ECO. Strengthen that one and nationalize Bosporus straits like Suez or Panama canal or Russian Kerch strait ( all should pay a fess to use !).
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    Featured Lebanon protesters storm ministries as violent protests grip Beirut

    After Syria-Iraq-Yemen-Libya, now its Lebanon's turn... Seven Pillars of Wisdom- T.E.Lawrence, must read for all. "Desert bedouins are incapable of self governing......". 19th century imperialist manifesto is still working well....
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    44,000 sign petition for France to take control of Lebanon

    First time to see any country volunteering to be colonized...
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    Featured Saudi Arabia pressuring local businesses to not trade with Turkey

    Seems desert bedouins have no shortage of enemies. Perpetual war...
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    Russia warns Turkey over Hagia Sophia move

    Turks in return could ask Russia allows construction of more of their worship places than the only four (4) currently allowed in Moscow. I believe the iconic church just outside of Kremlin was also built from a mosque in Kazan.
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    Erdogan says will not let Syria's Idlib become conflict zone again

    Too many conflicts going on in Mideast and North Africa(Syria-Yemen-Libya-Palestine) with too many outside players involved. Regional countries should initiate steps to stop this endless killings.
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    Egypt announces international anti-Turkey alliance

    Interesting. Bedouins forming alliance. Curious, has any of their many adventurous previous alliances ever worked.....
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    Iran Announces Ready to Withdraw from Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

    Israel is not a signatory to NPT. So, Iran does have a valid reason to leave. In a way this will also ensure balance of power in the region
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    Netanyahu 'confident' US will allow West Bank annexation soon

    Seems new war may start in Israel-Palestine. Syria-Yemen-Libya is not enough... Pity, more of these desert people will die.
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    Turkish operation started against Assad's forces

    In Syria, both Moscow & Washington working against Turks. Time for Erdogan to rethink his foreign policy.. He's getting involved in too many conflicts....
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    Developments and Turkish operations in Libya

    Turks are getting involved in too many conflicts. there is still time to reassess foreign policy...
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    Turkish operation started against Assad's forces

    Understood. Other than the eastern Mediterranean sector (gas reserve), there is not much to gain from getting involved in the the quagmire in Syria and Libya. Bedouins in those desert states will kill each other to death and ruin whatever remains of their nation. What's there to gain....
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    Turkish operation started against Assad's forces

    Turkey is fighting in 3 fronts. In Syria (against Russians), in eastern Mediterranean against Greeks and it's allies and in Libya against Egypt and it's proxy. In a way, war is like "quick sand", easy to get bogged down but difficult to get out....
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    Giant Soleimani statue unveiled by Hezbollah in Lebanon near Israel border

    No distinction was made between the Iranian general and his Arab hosts. All were killed by the drone strike. Only state that matters to Washington in the region is Israel.
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    Trump says Jerusalem will be Israel’s ‘undivided capital’ under Middle East peace plan

    First Iranian General is assassinated and then Arabs are thrown under the bus. That's yankee way...
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    The ‘Deal of the Century’ is Apartheid

    Interesting, this plan was created without any consultation with the other party i.e. Palestinians. Don't think any Arab was present when this was presented to the world with much fanfare.
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    Yet another nation destroyed by Western powers in the ME

    Syria-Yemen-Libya utterly ruined. These desert people have no notion of nationhood, what a tragedy. Killing each other to death, being pawns of others...
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    Egyptian Armed Forces Announce Military Exercises “Qader 2020”

    Seems Egypt has a pretty decent force. In terms of capability of conventional weapons (not nuclear), how do they fare compared to the big power in the region i.e. Israel....
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    Turkey to Send Troops to Libya at Tripoli's Request, Erdogan Says

    Interesting development. Turkey under Erdogan has aligned strategically with Iran-Qatar in Mideast to counter Saudi-Israel nexus. In North Africa it's aligning with Libya-Tunisia-Algeria(Probably ?) to counter Greco-Egyptian overture in Eastern Mediterranean. In Central Asia-Caucasus-Balkan it's...