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    Passing out parade of Baloch recruits held in Quetta

    This step of PA should be appreciated. Balochistan is a backward province. PA gives opportunities to Baloch youth to flourish their abilities. Definately nice step.
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    China takes over Nepal

    I appreciate Nepal government for looking forward to improve relations with China on one hand and continue its friendly relations with India on the other hand.
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    Lashkar chief operational commander killed in Sopore encounter

    I salute this great person. However, persons are not important but ideology is important. Kashmir has already given sacrifice of 100000 but struggle for right continues.
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    US to veto Palestinian bid for statehood at UN

    Shame on United States of America!
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    Rangers recover arms from mosque in Karachi

    Pakistan Rangers should keep an eye on trade and transport of weapons
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    Afghan Army Chief’s Statement on Durand Line

    Both countries should sign an agreement accepting today border position.
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    Delhiwala: Which Pak city is cooler – Lahore or Karachi

    Karachi is number 1 but it hosts no. 1 terrorist organisation.
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    Dawat-e-Islami comes under military’s radar

    I know Dawat-e-Islami. It is apolitical and non-violent organisation.
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    What's with all the MQM topics?

    MQM is a terrorist organisation. It should be banned.
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    What's with all the MQM topics?

    MQM is even the killer of Mohajirs.
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    Quaid's 63rd anniversary today

    Salute my great Quaid @ leader Where is your quaid avatar. It was awesome.
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    Zulfikar Mirza did what ....

    @ Uchiha Yeah! The name Mohajir Quomi Movement was given by Sindhi.
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    When Atlaf hussain burned our flag .

    Altaf Bhai ne Pakistani flag jalaya. But when Scoutland yard is near to capture killers of Dr. Imran Farooq, He is calling for unity of Army , ISI and MQM. When wolf sees death, he run towards city.
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    When Atlaf hussain burned our flag .

    Altaf Bhai America ka bhi Bhai. Pakistani flag tu burn karay ga.
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    Zulfikar Mirza did what ....

    @ Uchiha I think Urdu speaking have some indian background before 1947. Sindhi are as Pakistani as Mohajir. Waisay mujhay Altaf Hussain ki press conference se wo kuch kuch kuch khiska howa lagta hai.
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    Zulfikar Mirza did what ....

    @ somebozo I'm not pro mqm @ Uchiha So called Muhajir racial mindset
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    Zulfikar Mirza did what ....

    @ Somebozo I think Jinnah is Mohajir because his family migrated to Karachi from Bombay. But I am sure of one thing that he was great leader.
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    Zulfikar Mirza did what ....

    @ Uchiha Brother who are saying you to become Sindhi. But dont treat them like red indians. Sindhi are living in Sindh for thousand years. The time has gone when Sindhi were ignored.
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    Zulfikar Mirza did what ....

    @ Truth I respect Urdu speaking because they are progressive people. They produce M A Jinnah, Sir Syed, Liaqat Ali Khan, Hasrat Mohani, Fatima Jinnah etc. You have taken part in progress of Karachi and Pakistan. Their ethnicity and language should be given importance. But Mohajir should...