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    Is it me or...

    Trump is totally against the Muslims
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    The unknown 1975 Pak-India War

    Past assemblage of snaps
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    What does O Level mean in Urdu?

    Also got (Bartanvi sanvi taleemi sanad) in Urdu synonym (General Certificate Of Secondary Education)
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    The Great Game Changer: Belt and Road Intiative (BRI; OBOR)

    Very frequent exercises by Russia
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    Iran, Syria, Russia, China plan naval drill in Mediterranean

    Whats going on in Mediterranean
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    The Great Game Changer: Belt and Road Intiative (BRI; OBOR)

    Mediterranean should be used for fishing
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    Russian Naval Flagship arrives in China for joint drill

    It sounds like world is close to war
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    China-Brazil Joint Naval Drill

    Brazil also doing this wow
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    China, Australia hold joint naval drill

    Naval drill mean?
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    China and Russia may hold joint naval drill in the Mediterranean

    Russia wants to lead world
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    China and US military hold joint disaster drill in Chengdu

    Why did they select Chengdu ?
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    India, France to hold joint military drill this year

    War war war all nations are focusing on defense
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    Sino-Pak military drill this year

    Pak China relation should be more strong
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    Pak-Saudi military drill on the cards

    Avoid debate
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    Basant on the cards

    Basant celebrates in Feb
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    Relief after 6 years : EU lifts ban on Pakistan seafood import

    Pakistani sea foods are great