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  1. Soldier-X

    Women harassed in PTI Jalsa at Greater Iqbal Park 29th april 2018

    how did these women end up in male crowed...wasn't there a separate section and entrance for women??
  2. Soldier-X

    Sindh Rangers introduces new uniform

    KARACHI: Pakistan Rangers Sindh has authorized new uniform change effective from April 30 2018. According to a statement issued by the paramilitary force, the pattern of uniform is being changed for all ranks deployed in Sindh province and its capital Karachi. The statement also carried samples...
  3. Soldier-X

    'I am an Indian Muslim, not a Pakistani' - BBC News

    nationalist indian muslims(so called) are like "na ghar k na ghaat k..... "
  4. Soldier-X

    Pakistan's Special Operations Forces: SSG | SSGN | SSW | SOW.

    Saudi-Pak joint naval SF excercise in karachi
  5. Soldier-X

    go to war with Pakistan tear it into 4 pieces :Indian law maker

    ask him he will have to fight on front with troops.. i bet these politicians will be the first to run abroad along with thier looted money
  6. Soldier-X

    Pakistan's Special Operations Forces: SSG | SSGN | SSW | SOW.

    Shouldn't they all use diffrent camo?this woodland one is good for SSGN.. but SSG or atleast SSW should change it
  7. Soldier-X

    Pakistan Military Multimedia

    Hahaha me too at first sight
  8. Soldier-X

    Please do not show this to Indians.

    Ofcourse India,Pakistan and Banglasesh was born out of 'Hindustaan' and there is no more hindustan just like there is no more ottomon empire or great britain India cant become hindustaan just by using that name..Hindustaan was a mughal empire.india is a country born out of it,just like Pakistan...