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  1. ameer219

    Dear PM Imran Khan: Watch & LEARN!

    I strongly disagree with the OP. You just can't compare Pakistan with Singapore. While Lee Kuan Yew was a fantastic leader in bring Singapore up the world stage, it was the culture of hard work and discipline within the people here that majorly brought it to where it was. On the other hand...
  2. ameer219

    Biker's Lounge

    I own a Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR 1300rr 2010. Anyone riding Hayabusa here?
  3. ameer219

    Hey sorry, I just saw this post while looking at my profile. I am fine Allhamdulilah. How are...

    Hey sorry, I just saw this post while looking at my profile. I am fine Allhamdulilah. How are you my friend?
  4. ameer219

    27 Feb 19: PAF shot down two Indian aircrafts inside Pakistani airspace: DG ISPR

    See the wreckage at 0:50. It's definitely a Mig-21 rather than the acclaimed F-16. ANI news reporting is horrendous.
  5. ameer219

    Ohh the fun we'll have!!!

    I always support peace between both these countries. But for once, I support the shooting down of this aircraft. Not because he is Indian, but rather it will lower the ego of Modi, and make the whole political generation think twice about using terrorism as an excuse to attack Pakistan. For...
  6. ameer219

    Won't talk until India withdraws troops: China

    Your point of view on excelling in situations against both China and Pakistan debatable. I shall not come to that. I would give it to India for having military experiences. However, our experience is not to be belittled as well. We have experienced WWII through the invasion of Japan, as well as...
  7. ameer219

    Won't talk until India withdraws troops: China

    Quantity matters in your case only just because your country is 4,700X larger than mine. To add to that, you have two nuclear-armed neighbors in which your motherland has gone to war before, which explains the numerical superiority. With a country barely the size of the city of Nagpur, we have...
  8. ameer219

    Won't talk until India withdraws troops: China

    I beg to differ on this statement. I am pretty sure, Singapore on its own has the ability to hold off an invasion with a $9.9 billion budget. If Pakistan, with an almost similar budget has been able to hold it's own on the LOC against a numerically and technologically superior nation, I don't...
  9. ameer219

    How do we make PDF better?

    Hi, I have been an avid reader of this forum for the past seven years. One important factor that has kept me coming back to this forum is the abundance in high quality posts. Yet, in the past couple of years or so, I have noticed a significant drop in quality. Flaming, baiting and even abuse of...
  10. ameer219

    USA wasn't informed about "No Evidence Surgical Strike" upfront

    One ridiculous habit I realised about the Indians here on this issue, is asking us to prove that there is surgical strikes conducted on our own land, when they are the one who should be proving it to us. This whole argument is really going no where without any hard evidence here.
  11. ameer219

    Singapore Turns Colonial Airstrip Into Hub for Jet Engine Makers

    Sorry, but I disagree with your stance. Singapore government is still looking to cooperate with China despite the difference in the political landscape. However, the major difference in my opinion here lies in the cultural background. Being a Malaysian, I am pretty sure you can relate to this.
  12. ameer219

    Singapore Turns Colonial Airstrip Into Hub for Jet Engine Makers

    Excuse me? Their ancestors may be from China, but don't forget about the Malays, Indians and Eurasians that assisted in the development of Singapore as well. For your information, neither the Chinese in Singapore would be pleased to associate themselves with China as well. We are Singaporeans...
  13. ameer219

    Pakistan’s economy enjoying period of optimism: report

    One thing is for sure, arguing with you on your one-liners is definitely not my "standard". Regards Ameer
  14. ameer219

    Pakistan’s economy enjoying period of optimism: report

    Oh really? Just to update you, Kenya has already toured us a few months back. Just in case you are not aware, Zimbabwe will be touring us next month. On the other hand, PCB are negotiating with SLCB for a home tour. It's obvious enough to show that the security situation in Pakistan is...
  15. ameer219

    Pakistan’s economy enjoying period of optimism: report

    Pakistan’s economy enjoying period of optimism: report ISLAMABAD: Visitors to Pakistan are surprised to discover a strong business culture and good roads as the country is mid-table in the World Bank’s ease-of-doing-business rankings, well above India, reports The Economist newspaper. “Those...
  16. ameer219

    Bangladesh wins series against Pakistan with 1 game remaining.

    Pakistan will play like cornered tigers an instill a comeback. Hafeez, has cleared his action allowing the addition of another batsman. All the team needs to do is prevent a batting collapse, and hopefully all will be fine. In the future, Hafeez should be demoted down the order, and not high up...
  17. ameer219

    Inzamam ul Haq Blames Lack of International Exposure Behind Pakistan's Poor Showing

    Just need to hang on with these group of players. I am confident that Azhar Ali will make a good captain. Unfortunately, i feel that Saeed Ajmal is past his prime, and is looking towards a downfall. He should just stick to Tests or T-20s.
  18. ameer219

    Economy to grow 4.1pc in 2014

    Economy to grow 4.1pc in 2014 ISLAMABAD: The year-end update of economic and social survey released on Thursday forecasts Pakistan’s economy to grow by 4.1 per cent in 2014 against current estimates of 3.6pc in 2013. The survey released by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the...
  19. ameer219

    'Is Singapore my home, daddy?'

    In the first Generation, My grandparents migrated from Sargodha to Singapore after the partition. Therefore I am classified as a 3rd Generation. I am recognized as a Pakistani here. It's written in my Identification Card as well. It's a big community here, its just that most of the Pakistanis...
  20. ameer219

    'Is Singapore my home, daddy?'

    A foreigner like you will never understand. Most of the foreigners come here, settle down, use Singapore as a stepping stone, and then move out to another nation with more land opporunities e.g. USA. We the people of the land never get what we truly deserve. As a 3rd generation Singaporean, I...