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    Holy $hit, never seen before. Are they really running away from their own expensive tanks or trucks?
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    China to help Pakistan modernize it's army in the future

    China must help Pakistan's most two weakness since we never achieved basic requirements last twenty years, Chinese will show us how to handle this issues below: Advanced Helicopters PN Navy + Economy 101 :china:
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    Pakistan doesn't know how to build advanced Helicopters?

    Pakistan is currently busy in destroying terrorisms and it will take likely forever to finish them but we don't have own advanced helicopters last twenty years. We always obsessed with F-16, where is freaking helicopters? 2010 2011 This is worst helicopters we've ever seen, why Pakistan...
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    CPEC a double edged sword???

    What did Pakistan achieve last 50+ years? They managed our economy terribly and very slow but we now always prefer China's way of thinking, capabilities, and economy master. :china:
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    China approves $73 billion worth subway projects

    Impressive, I must say. I've seen many subway here, which is very important project to make it easier for transportation, hope Pakistan can catch up soon. :cheers:
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    PM Nawaz Sharif offers sale of defence equipments including JF 17 Thunder aircraft to Senegal

    Sorry, Pakistan must find good wealthy customers. JF-17 not for sale to Africa.
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    Nothing Can Come Between Narendra Modi And A Camera

    That is very insult pushing to Mark Zuckerberg. :oops:
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    Army Chief visits troops at LoC, wishes advance eid

    Nope, this is great photo of full view mountains, Pakistan Zindabad! :p:
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    There is no unity among people in Pakistan.

    A old Indian used to mark their words - Pakistan would be break up easily within TTP terrorisms, poor economy, suicide bombing, corruption, weak, RAW involvement, Al Qaeda somewhere, USA angry, NATO deployment, and so on ......(..........that happened last 15 years). A new Indian will mark...
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    Talks for Su-35, Mi-35 sales to Pakistan are underway: Russian Deputy FM

    @That Guy @batmannow weird lolzz?? Can you both please stop fighting to avoid ruining this thread ?
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    Talks for Su-35, Mi-35 sales to Pakistan are underway: Russian Deputy FM

    Hilarious I second that, let them think that way, we move on.
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    They Will Always Need Pakistan

    Great points, I second that. Pakistan just to increase their troops to 2 million, yes we have tremendous experiences on WOT last 15 years. Keep going! :enjoy:
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    Iran slams Saudi Arabia over Hajj stampede

    Why don't Iran just keep their mouth shut?? It is none of their concern. :disagree:
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    There is no unity among people in Pakistan.

    Pakistan is totally failed state, same old propaganda........ :omghaha:
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    Hajj Stampede, 700+ pilgrims died.

    Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raaji'oon :( Saudi Arabia should reduce massive pilgrims to 1 million or less, old Hajj styles was much better than today's new renovation Hajj.
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    Pakistan Military Multimedia

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    Talks for Su-35, Mi-35 sales to Pakistan are underway: Russian Deputy FM

    No clue, what requirements. Pakistan should purchase it from Russia without unnecessary modifications, just like our F-16s. It is true Russia wouldn't do anything to disturb India, now smile please. :enjoy:
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    Talks for Su-35, Mi-35 sales to Pakistan are underway: Russian Deputy FM

    Russia is thinking to sale su-35 to Pakistan through China Russia may be working out a deal to sell Su-35 aircraft simultaneously to Pakistan and China, making it the biggest order of the most advanced in-production fighter in Russia. While Pakistani officials admitted to an international...
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    UAV strides by Pakistan and China spur India to expedite Israeli drone purchase

    Interesting, India has importing lot of stuffs from foreign countries, which means they failed their own projects. :disagree:
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    What do Japanese people think of Indians & Pakistanis

    Congratulations, Indians just feel good when these types of foreign people can say anything. Next please. :victory1: