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  1. faithfulguy

    Featured Not a question of if, but when China will strike - Indian Narrative

    Yes,but the Hindus regard Chinese as equivalent of the NE tribals.
  2. faithfulguy

    Over 60 Chinese soldiers killed in Galwan Valley clash claims US newspaper report

    Instead of US reported...It should just say Gordon Chang reported at the very top. It would prevent me from reading this whole article and thread. Every time I read something from this guy I feel so unclean that I need to take a dip in the Ganga.
  3. faithfulguy

    Hu Xijin's latest update Galwan and Pangong Conflict

    so it’s likely that Indians murdered some Chinese construction workers. But when Chinese troops show up, Indian pervs have no chance. But Chinese troops did killed any Indians. It’s Himalayas that killed the Indians. But no all Indians were stupids and die because of the elements. The smart ones...
  4. faithfulguy

    RSS Hindutvas and holy men of Rapistan

    that is strange way to get a auspicious start of a business by ringing a bell attaching to a penis.what kind of business is she starting, a brothel?
  5. faithfulguy

    China belts out Punjabi numbers for Indian soldiers at Ladakh

    they might misheard it and take it as cow urine chow mein. In that case...
  6. faithfulguy

    Featured Dalits bear brunt of India's 'endemic' sexual violence crisis

    you should ask Indian rape victims that question. Also, those are apples to oranges comparison. Rape is ingrained in the Indian cultural practice. Whereas cultural revolution was a political event. There is not a time in India where a women is safe.
  7. faithfulguy

    India-China tension: Sumdorong Chu military standoff that took 9 years to defuse

    PLA caused only injuries to Indian soldiers. It’s Indian militaries neglect of the injured soldiers that caused the death. India should blame its government for killing those soldiers.
  8. faithfulguy

    China belts out Punjabi numbers for Indian soldiers at Ladakh

    Did the Chinese commander invite Indian troops over for a hot meal of Chow mein and a shower?
  9. faithfulguy

    Featured Exiled Tibetans in India's 'special force' are only 'cannon fodder'

    The term special in this case means “special”caste forces. It’s means Tibetans are not part of any caste and so they can be cannon fodders.
  10. faithfulguy

    Multiple Friction Points Between India and China along the entire LAC

    Indian camp literally means using tent camping equipments. So do they have negative temperatures sleeping bags. Maybe China should send merchants from Yiwu to set up shop near them and sell them supplies with huge mark ups.
  11. faithfulguy

    Worst part is, most Indians still believe they can win a war with China

    Britain never took over the country of India. The Brits took over the geographical expression of India and created the country of India.
  12. faithfulguy

    Look, the LAC has Disappeared !

    You sound like Modi...
  13. faithfulguy

    We neglected another India's crime to China. India's been arming China's rebels(Tibetans) for long time.

    you are right, India is a geographical expression like Arabia and Balkans. Or the equator.
  14. faithfulguy

    China's achievement in latest skirmishes - We need a treaty with America to deal with China says India

    actually,India only lost 3 soldiers to fighting with China. The remainders were caused by Indian government negligence in providing for their soldiers in the Himalayas. I don’t think other countries were as neglectful of their soldiers to caused those death.
  15. faithfulguy

    New video shows Indian Army beaten and retreating

    Indiadidn’t lose 20 soldiers to China, but the Indians government for ignoring the Himalayas. Indians need to hold their government responsible for negligence to their injured soldiers.
  16. faithfulguy

    New video shows Indian Army beaten and retreating

    India cannot even create its own country, they need Britain to created for them. Now, they are running the place to the ground that even South Sudan or Congo is more hospitable than India.
  17. faithfulguy

    Indian army chief says talks can resolve border row with China

    If Modi tries to sack the generals, there would be a coup in India.
  18. faithfulguy

    India's GDP worst among major economies; rise in suicides due to bankruptcy; Moody's downgrades 4 state-run lenders

    pits slum population dividend. The slum lords are increasing their control.
  19. faithfulguy

    Forget China, can India match Vietnam?

    Indians just have a habit of blame their failures. Why stay a democracy if Indian democracy had failed you?