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    Japan does what even the US fears to do, take on China

    Beijing: Chinese authorities sought on Friday to forestall anti-Japanese protests ahead of a sensitive political anniversary, blocking the websites of Chinese nationalist groups and erasing discussion of organizing demonstrations from the Internet. In this Sept. 7, 2010 file photo...
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    India set to meet UN 2015 poverty goal

    New Delhi: In the fight against poverty, India seems to be winning - in some parts of the country at least. Vimla Sharma lives in Suwana Village in Rajasthan. Her life has been dramatically improved by a government scheme called the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Launched in...
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    India hits back at Pak for its Kashmir comments

    New Delhi: India on Friday hit back at Pakistan rejecting as "gratuitous" its statements on Jammu and Kashmir, saying they amounted to interference in the internal affairs of the country. It asked Islamabad to take effective action against infiltration from across the LoC and dismantle terror...
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    Commonwealth Games village officially open

    New Delhi: It was being called the breeding ground for mosquitoes, and everyone thought it wouldn't be ready at all. But the athletes' village for the Commonwealth Games is now officially open. And what's the verdict on what is the second most important things for the athletes at that Games...
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    Made in America goods only, says US government

    Washington: In another protectionist measure primarily aimed at China, the US House of Representatives passed two different bills that mandate the Congress and the Department of Homeland Security to purchase only US-made goods. The Congressional Made in America Act, introduced by...
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    1 in 7 Americans live in poverty: US Census

    Washington: The Census Bureau in America has reported that the number of Americans living in poverty jumped to 14.3 percent in 2009, with the ranks of working-age poor reaching the highest since at least 1965. About 43.6 million people, or 1 in 7, were in poverty. That is up from 39.8...