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  1. syed_yusuf

    VT-4 MBT in Pakistan

    I don't agree PA and IAF have similar problem , too many tank types i think this is piss poor planning . I think PA should just adopt this tank or a new 4th gen tank and just mass produce it for next 10 years and replace all legacy numbers
  2. syed_yusuf

    VT-4 MBT in Pakistan

    Pakistan's tank logistics must be a challenge with AZ, AK, T80UD, Type85, Type59 and Type69 tanks plus now VT4 7 DIFFERENT TANKS IN in a army of 650000 troops
  3. syed_yusuf

    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

    then why is it so low in profile ... it seems still unassembled m346
  4. syed_yusuf

    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

    what plane is this is red square ...
  5. syed_yusuf

    Featured Three Nigerian JF-17 Almost Ready For Delivery From PAC

    What is that plane in the background
  6. syed_yusuf

    Featured General Qamar Javed Bajwa to visit Saudi Arabia next week

    There appx. 5 million pakistanis working in GCC some say 6 million. GCC cannot just simply end the pakistani worker visa and ask them to leave tomorrow. KSA is the only real country in GCC, rest are fiefdoms. except qatar no one else had the balls to stand upto KSA. While pakistan need to...
  7. syed_yusuf

    Featured Analysis: Indian T-90S main battle tank facing Chinese Type 15 light tank

    i would like PA to plan for adopting upgunned VT5 for AZ replacement 10 years down the line with Pakistan specific mods.
  8. syed_yusuf

    Pakistan Navy interested in type 056

    May be a true multirole version with hanger will join at do it but not at an expense of jclass project
  9. syed_yusuf

    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    The time is very ripe for PAF to release few titbits on blk3 to give the monkey another shut up call While we are still working out finer details and testing just few pics and few small details would just do wonders
  10. syed_yusuf

    Pakistan Navy interested in type 056

    Why not built more Jinnah class ships
  11. syed_yusuf

    Shaheen Scramble

    I am not too sure if adf is not bvr capable just adf means air defence fighter
  12. syed_yusuf

    PM Imran Khan called in Pak Army for help in cleaning up Karachi

    bottom line it is a mess ..... finger pointing, no money, no plan, no ownership .... this is not how you run a metropolis like karachi. a very sad state and i will hold PPP responsible for it. as after 18th amendment, it is provincial governments responsibility. they owns the budget and they...
  13. syed_yusuf

    PM Imran Khan called in Pak Army for help in cleaning up Karachi

    Karachi could be a gold mine for pakistan economy. but decade after decade govt after govt have been reducing it to rubble.these rulers needs article 6 invoked against them. think about it PPP govt. is in power in sindh for lat 12 years, in 12 years they have not been able to fix basic...
  14. syed_yusuf

    COAS attends Al Khalid-1 handing over ceromony as CG at HIT - ISPR

    no rws no active protection two key areas relevant now a days
  15. syed_yusuf

    Pakistan Navy | News & Discussions.

    4 Jinnah Class 4 Type 54 AP 2 Corvette 2 future procurement unknown