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  1. MikeAlphaEchoAlpha

    PAKISTAN . Aviation & Airports

    "We have top notch aviation sector" says a Pakistani man, date 1955. Our aviation sector sucks. In part is fault of goverment, but private sector is responsible as well. Recently i was trying to make a deal with a small business group in Pakistan(Lahore area), with an italian factory wich...
  2. MikeAlphaEchoAlpha

    Pray for Lt Yazdan for speedy recovery

    May Allah give you a speedy recovery
  3. MikeAlphaEchoAlpha

    Mind Boggling Love for our Flag an Infrequent Global Feat

    Well, holding a flag doesn't mean anything if you don't, truly, embrace it's value and principles. It's like me saying that i'm a muslim but i'm gay, eat pork and drink beer for breakfast.
  4. MikeAlphaEchoAlpha

    PPP leader tries to hit Murad Saeed with headphones in National Assembly

    Entire Pakistani governance system is a joke.
  5. MikeAlphaEchoAlpha

    Featured Overseas Pakistanis got scammed by fake NADRA website for over 2 years

    recently i used this one : https://id.nadra.gov.pk/ as @AZADPAKISTAN2009 said above, they were very professional and user friendly, i got my documents delivered in time.
  6. MikeAlphaEchoAlpha

    California accuses Cisco of job discrimination based on Indian employee's caste

    There is a reason why India is the most rascist nation on earth
  7. MikeAlphaEchoAlpha

    Pakistan condemns Indian Security Forces killing of grandfather in front of toddler

    Hardly any word can describe what i'm feeling right now. To me it is not a surprise what they did today, what amazes me is our response. In the past month we have lost atleast 5 civilians on our side on LOC. I expect GOP to do retaliate approprietely, not by twitting"befitting response was...
  8. MikeAlphaEchoAlpha

    India setting up liquor stores in IOK

    fate is never kind to those who oppress the oppressed and side with their oppressors
  9. MikeAlphaEchoAlpha

    ISI Sector Commander Quetta Brig Hassan died due to COVID19

    إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ
  10. MikeAlphaEchoAlpha

    Indian Army Uploads Desperate Video for Bihar Regiment to Up its Morale After Galwan Valley Beating

    Yeah, initially i thought it was an amateur work, but then i double checked it on Google. According to indian defence forums, they are pouring "lakh of crores" into information sector of their military to rival the mighty ISPR. As i said before they are delusional people, and trust me i know...
  11. MikeAlphaEchoAlpha

    Indian Army Uploads Desperate Video for Bihar Regiment to Up its Morale After Galwan Valley Beating

    Indian doing what they know better. Making films. It is so cringy to watch the video i had to stop after 20 sec. Delusional people, they are.