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  1. Bobby

    Bye bye Chabahar. Iran deal reached!!!!

    Pakistan wish will not be fulfilled....India is already in Chabahar :D
  2. Bobby

    India to House Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory - World's Biggest Science Project

    Good to see India is taking such initiative of this scale at world level
  3. Bobby

    India may Grow @ 8-10 Per Cent : Finance Minister Jaitley

    noway......try to achieve 7.5%
  4. Bobby

    T-84 oplot M fails testing what now for the army, in terms of tanks?

    is it replacement or addition to Al Khalid?
  5. Bobby

    FGFA Fighter deal likely during Modi’s November visit to Russia

    Great.... are you crazy...5 countries in 7 days ...you call it leisure trips..you have any idea how tough it is.... leisure trips is called when Rahul Gandhi disappeared for 2 months and entire nation was wondering where did he go.
  6. Bobby

    Chaudhry Nisar orders inquiry into Axact scandal; FIA Raids

    AXACT is has a "presence" in 120 countries with more than 25,000 employees....and was selling fake degrees to USA people.....What an idea Sir Ji :)
  7. Bobby

    Xinjiang Province: News & Discussions

    you mean selective secular and completely secular :D
  8. Bobby

    Indian Economy-News & Updates

    wow lot of things happening....with in 2-3 years India will happening place for entire world
  9. Bobby

    25 Countries With The Highest Murder Rates In The World

    wow.... surprisingly no India or Pakistan in top 25
  10. Bobby

    And here comes China's fab

    I thought India is getting display fab first...will be established in Chandigarh
  11. Bobby

    The Great Game Changer: Belt and Road Intiative (BRI; OBOR)

    China is nobody's friend
  12. Bobby

    Yechury says yoga is 'dog's body movement', Twitter users lash out

    Yechury is a street dog always barking
  13. Bobby


    you may be right that minority attracts media faster...but kidnapping is gone along with Laalu from Bihar...
  14. Bobby

    Mysterious buyer of JF-17 THUNDER BLOCK 2

    and who is the mysterious seller of jf17? :D
  15. Bobby

    Burma wants to fight but BD?

    Pole vaulters active on Myanmar border too :D
  16. Bobby

    Pakistan again under pressure to join Saudi coalition

    At least send non state actors :D