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  1. Dual Wielder

    New Muslim Block Predicted By Dr Israr Ahmed 25 Years Ago - Koi Arab Mulk Is Mein Nahi Ho

    Dear @Indos I have been observing many of Your posts regarding Kashmir or Pakistan in general for a while, and unfortunately it would seem that You are unsympathetic to the suffering of the Kashmiris, the fact that You hold a senior position in this forum and that it's an Pakistani origin...
  2. Dual Wielder

    Will not give NRO, says PM Imran as Senate rejects money laundering bill

    If Che was still alive, being such a highly regarded physician I'm sure he would prescribe copper projectiles for this ailment, and as luck may have it, this is the one expense the public of Pakistan would gladly spare.. what are a few pennies for the greater good for this nation.
  3. Dual Wielder

    Old footage of a protest held in AJK over load shedding. Indian media tries to spin it for propaganda.

    Thank You to the moderator/admin who changed the thread title in reflection to the OP's content. We the people of Azad Kashmir consider Pakistan our one and true home, and long for the day for when we officially become a province. :pakistan:
  4. Dual Wielder


    I used to somehwhat listen to the guy on YT, but now I will remember this.. thanks for sharing.
  5. Dual Wielder

    Featured UAE cancels meeting with Israel and the United States over Netanyahu's statement against the F-35 deal

    But when Israel dropped bombs over Palestine for 7 days repeatedly... post peace initiative that was okay? Morals aside.. my heart aches for UAE* #STANDWITHUAE! #F35LIVESMATTER
  6. Dual Wielder

    Old footage of a protest held in AJK over load shedding. Indian media tries to spin it for propaganda.

    @WebMaster @PakSword 'Human rights violations' in Azad Kashmir seriously???, utter rubbish, You cannot let PDF be a propoganda platform for RSS Nazis or their sympathisers, This thread should either be deleted/ ban the OP and/or at least edit the thread title.
  7. Dual Wielder

    Forum Update 2020|Feedback and Discussion

    Could You please share the reason/s behind this decision?
  8. Dual Wielder

    OIC Backs Palestinian Cause After UAE, Israel Strike Deal

    If 'ohh I see' [OIC] was serious on the Palestinian cause, it would expel UAE from the organisation Just like Egypt was in 1979 after the peace deal (at least in Egypts case it did have some substance i.e. return of Senai). But the fact this flamboyant member state [UAE], which shares no borders...
  9. Dual Wielder

    Labourers to get Rs200,000 for daughter’s marriage: Zulfi Bukhari

    I guess it's a good initiative, does help ease the financial presure off the poor. I do think we Pakistanis especially in the west have the tendencies to over spend on a mere 3 hour function e.g. $35K+ and yet some of those marriages don't last more than a few years, and it's the parents who...
  10. Dual Wielder

    Forum Update 2020|Feedback and Discussion

    I don't like this horizontal theme, where stats [user name, rank, message count, flags etc...] are spread across the page like this.. it looks very amateurish.. I feel like its gone from bad to worse.. Also PLEASE REMOVE THE 'LOVE, HAHA, WOW, SAD, ANGRY' reaction emojis from the 'LIKE' tab, i...
  11. Dual Wielder


    Ah yes, it's an upgrade to the former 4.5th gen..
  12. Dual Wielder


    1 cup of tea, decaf two sugars.. no milk
  13. Dual Wielder

    what is this 'shout box' everyone keeps going on about?

    what is this 'shout box' everyone keeps going on about?
  14. Dual Wielder

    Nawaz Sharif's medical reports are fake - Dr Shahbaz Gill

    Just out of curiosity, were the medical reports handed in by the honourable Sharif also in Calibri?
  15. Dual Wielder

    Featured Pakistan Navy Type 054AP Frigates - Update, News & Discussion

    row row row the boat gently down stream..
  16. Dual Wielder

    Forum Update 2020|Feedback and Discussion

    wow much props using a forum on a small handheld device, I personally hate using it on tablet.. but typing it on a smaller display must be cumbersome, especially the length of Your comments usually. Lol, look on the bright side, all Your previous negative ratings of been wiped off (for now)...
  17. Dual Wielder

    Reality-check: In 2019, Modi declares India open-defecation free, In 2020, FM says govt committed to ODF India

    He does.. as an honourable Britannian he has been Knighted with an English GCSE, by the powers invested in her [Queen], she has tasked him to charge at those who dare violate what we hold sacred.
  18. Dual Wielder

    Welcome to the forum.

    Welcome to the forum.
  19. Dual Wielder

    Google Pixel 4a: My New Phone at $349

    The only thing I wished I purchased anything with a bitten apple on it was their stocks.. darn it. I myself got a Sony Xperia XA1, which I plan on keeping for a few more years its got a decent camera (23MP) for some reason I seem to have a soft spot for the company probably due to the...
  20. Dual Wielder

    Pakistani rupee exchange rate (Forex trading)

    Hi I was thinking of buying a small fortune of Pakistani currency and hold it for a Year or two, since I believe it's at its weakest i.e. currently is approx £1 = 220 PKR. My question is would this be a bad mid term investment? Also how might a UK citizen invest in Pakistans stock exchange and...