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  1. ajpirzada

    HOUSE OF GRAFT: Tracing the Bhutto Millions

    Even though this is a very old NYTimes article (from 1998), it gives a good idea of what was happening during 1990s. I found this article here i have a lot of respect for Benazir Bhutto but unfortunately Zardari destroyed whatever there was of her legacy... here you go HOUSE OF GRAFT: Tracing...
  2. ajpirzada

    Understanding IK

    why not look at his actions... 1. His spiritual master is his wife 2. The best thing he ever did (Shaukat Khanum) is in the name of his mother 2. His list of advisers/ministers has a good number of women (i.e. Sania Nishtar, Shereen Mizari, Zartaj Gul etc etc) 3. Look at KPK government... women...
  3. ajpirzada

    IAF findings that India shot down own helicopter put on hold until after elections (Updated)

    It seems that everything which could have gone in favour of Pakistan on this day went in favour of Pakistan... 1. Indian bombs missing their targets in Balakot 2. Indian Mig falling in Pakistan and Abhinandan getting captured 3. Indian air defence shooting down their own aircraft 4. The...
  4. ajpirzada

    New LG law envisages local bodies free of DCs’ control

    previously, DCs were meant to be under the district nazims.... that is how district nazims implemented their agenda... Now this is no longer the case. They have achieved this by eliminating District Councils... I am not sure if this is good. Which part of government will be under the tehsil...
  5. ajpirzada

    Circular debt to be Rs50-60 billion by July 2020

    yes but that time is surely not 8 months... especially when the previous govt leaves the economy at the verge of collapse: the economy first collapses before recovering
  6. ajpirzada

    Circular debt to be Rs50-60 billion by July 2020

    the important thing to note is that the govt is still to pass on the increase in energy prices from previous years. if the govt had done this all at one, we would be seeing a much higher inflation. instead the govt has decided to do this in phases. This means that circular debt will stay with us...
  7. ajpirzada

    'Are you mad? They wouldn't let me land in Pakistan': Asad Umar on journalist's query about IMF deal

    my first impression after reading this news was not good... perhaps international players are demanding a lot more from us (than what is publicly known) in exchange for an IMF bailout few weeks back The Economist magazine published a very harsh article on Pakistan. The magazine proposed that...
  8. ajpirzada

    Pakistani Rupee's decline and its causes

    cant agree more... you have raised all valid questions. these are the questions they need to educate their viewers about... but alas... most of them just cant get tired of predicting political future of person xyz... they have turned TV shows into their sitting rooms
  9. ajpirzada

    Pakistani Rupee's decline and its causes

    keep hearing these anchors say that the govt has no economic direction... it is so frustrating... the govt has said time and again that they want to promote exports and make it easy to do business... the govt has also said that they want to reform FBR and SOEs... i can easily recall several...
  10. ajpirzada

    All Pakistani F-16s are accounted for: US Govt buries Indian propaganda.

    apparently IAF has 'electronic signatures' showing that a plane disappeared on their radars during the dogfight on Kashmiri skies... this is their proof that F-16 was shot down... now that third party evaluation has shown that no F-16 was shot down, perhaps IAF should reconsider that this was...
  11. ajpirzada

    CPEC - Gawadar Free Zone and World 3rd Biggest Airport Development - 2000 Acres !!!

    this looks good.... but i attended a seminar in Islamabad last time i visited... one important concern was that the Gwadar economic zone is only open to Chinese. I hope Pakistani businesses are allowed to invest there as well.
  12. ajpirzada

    Exports have increased by 24% in rupee terms

    We are producing more... that is the whole point see table 5.5 on page 68 here: https://bit.ly/2FUtXOe . The quantity of exports have gone up for value added textile sector. Total quantity of exports have increased as well. See the column for 'Quantum Impact.' We cannot start competing with...
  13. ajpirzada

    Exports have increased by 24% in rupee terms

    It is going to fall anyways if you dont shift your economy towards exports. All east asian economies did so. or you can start selling in greater quantity, hire more people, use extra Rs355bn to increase capacity and keep progressing.
  14. ajpirzada

    Exports have increased by 24% in rupee terms

    as i said, if you only care about exports for the sake of earning dollars then I agree with you. but for me exports are important for other reasons as well. Job creation, industrialisation etc. My issue is with commentators arguing that devaluation has not increased exports which is wrong.
  15. ajpirzada

    Exports have increased by 24% in rupee terms

    First, it is mostly textile exports which have gone up (see SBP data). Second, it is indeed a good news. Why? Because jobs depend on how much you are producing. If you are producing more, you need more labour hours. It was Miftah who allowed devaluation to happen. And yes he was right in...
  16. ajpirzada

    Exports have increased by 24% in rupee terms

    my numbers are showing what I mentioned in the original post. That quantity of exports have increased. And also that export industry has earned more revenue in rupee terms. And also that dollar revenue has not changed much. See my post above in response to Death Professor on why it matters.
  17. ajpirzada

    Exports have increased by 24% in rupee terms

    If you only care about earning dollars then you are right. Dollar value of exports has not changed much. But if you want to change the direction of your economy towards exports then it worth it. There is a lot of economic research which suggests that exports help in industrialisation. As...