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  1. Hyperion

    A major U-turn in the offing

    IK spectacularly effed up Pakistan for the next few decades. It's better to have an intelligent enemy than a retarded friend. Bhosar chod kee aqqal havva wala pump hai.
  2. Hyperion

    Mahira Khan bags fourth spot in Sexiest Asian Women list

    I should have sent my naukranis portfolio as well, she might have bagged no 3 spot! Shitess........
  3. Hyperion

    Brazil once a poor country like Pakistan, now top meat and egg exporter: Imran Khan is not wrong!

    LOL. Eggistan. Eik anda woh bhee ganda nikla. @Norwegian, i fail to understand you sometimes.... LOL...........
  4. Hyperion

    Pakistani rupee firms to 136 per dollar

    O meri jan, as I'm a dumbfuck unlike rest of educated fools here, please educate me on the supposed exports and how they are going to revive those industries. Are you talking about mangoes and cement or some high tech gadgets that we maybe producing that rest of the world is dying to get their...
  5. Hyperion

    Pakistani rupee firms to 136 per dollar

    Any kind of uncertainty is bad for economy. Things are bad and will get worse from here as no lines have been drawn by competent authorities.
  6. Hyperion

    US dollar hits all-time high of Rs142 in interbank market

    Like those NS tattas on this forum, you have taken on the official post of IK's tatta. Question is, are you his left ball or right ball? Hope Bushra bibi doesn't mind.
  7. Hyperion

    US dollar hits all-time high of Rs142 in interbank market

    IK has done the unthinkable. In a single stroke he has wiped out lower middle class. I fear there will be no one left standing in the next 100 days. Eik bewakoof dost say aik akkalmand dushman acha hota hai!
  8. Hyperion

    TLY Protests : Pak Army Rescued 73 Sikh Pilgrims From Pindi Bhatian Motorway

    LOL..... a good laugh after a long long time! :D
  9. Hyperion

    Govt mulling 800pc raise in governors’ salaries

    Presidents and Governors are not of the same grade. Where PSC posts end at Grade 22, for example secretaries and heads of other arms of the GoP such as COAS(22), JCOS(22), ACM(22), CONS(22), then the constitutional grades start (which outrank each and every other grade). C3 being the lowest and...
  10. Hyperion

    Govt mulling 800pc raise in governors’ salaries

    It has nothing to do with the Government or party in power. High Court Justices + Supreme Court Justices + President of Pakistan + Governors of provinces are all constitutional posts and grades C1->C3. They all have to have exactly the same salaries. Therefore they have to be brought at par...
  11. Hyperion

    REVEALED: The Saudi death squad MBS uses to silence dissent

    Not that good of a squad to begin with. Basically morons with lots of cash. Real agents never get identified.
  12. Hyperion

    Saudi king asserts authority, checks son's power

    If the king wants the monarchy to survive, he'll have to sacrifice the knight.
  13. Hyperion

    The Saudi regime does not represent Islam

    Koi shakk? They have yet to become a member of humanity. Savages.
  14. Hyperion

    Riyadh Announces Khashoggi’s Death, Pledges to Punish Criminals

    Bhawawawwawawawa ...... bhosarchod read: //set up a ministerial committee under the chairmanship of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman // :D
  15. Hyperion

    PM Imran Khan unhappy with Asad Umar over economic policies

    Khan's whole team is circus kay bandar, and IK is the ring leader.
  16. Hyperion

    Dr Shireen Mazari delivers sharp rebuke to Human Rights Watch for 'selective oversight'

    Education is the key. This is the difference between unparh patwari ministers and educated ones.
  17. Hyperion

    Sad News Sipahi Maqbool Hussain Passed away

    Brave son of Pakistan. Rest in peace.
  18. Hyperion

    Austerity measures to reportedly hit Pak Army. Massive cutdown of perks.

    Not going to happen. Period. Ridiculous if IK thinks that it's even a remote possibility. Any one of the mentioned points. Naya Pakistan with a twist is a bitter pill that IK will eventually have to swallow, else back to Purana Pakistan pretty soon.
  19. Hyperion

    Prove that Earth is a globe or flat

    If you bend down forward, can you see the curvature of your ***? Even if the answer is yes, can you see your asshole from that particular angle? :P I thought you grew up dude....... I was wrong! :D
  20. Hyperion

    What happened to Pervez Musharraf? Something wrong with his health?

    Was wondering the same. He looked 90+ today - all of a sudden!