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  1. Stryker1982

    UAE ISRAEL Peace Agreement

    Yup, very wrong.
  2. Stryker1982

    Iranian media release satellite photos of US bases in the Middle East taken by Noor-1

    Doesn't the Noor-1 Only take IR images as seen in the middle pictures?
  3. Stryker1982

    Iran blasts dummy US aircraft carrier with missiles

    Is their even a single photo of the carrier being struck?
  4. Stryker1982

    BlackLivesMatter protests | Updates, News & Discussion

    Dunno, seemed to work pretty well for the last 400 years. Europeans have been dominating the globe since 1600's
  5. Stryker1982

    Iranian Chill Thread

    It's fake.
  6. Stryker1982

    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    Looks like the communists are back in your country my good friend.
  7. Stryker1982

    Iranian Chill Thread

    Massive rioting in U.S state of Minnesota, perhaps Iran should arm them like they try to arm terrorist in Iran. Their hypocrisy is never ending.
  8. Stryker1982

    Syrian Civil War (Graphic Photos/Vid Not Allowed)

    Glad this war is becoming very quiet these days.
  9. Stryker1982

    Can China Replace the United States as the World’s Top Arms Dealer?

    China has to fight and win a war decisively before it can prove their worth to the rest of the world.
  10. Stryker1982

    Redwan special forces

    Sponsered and equiped by Iran, but training appears to be Russian inspired. Meanwhile in Iranian SOF, and Saberin corps.... Our commanders don't give a damn about our infantry. From all the state news videos, I have never seen equipment or training like this in Iran despite the fact we can...
  11. Stryker1982

    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    It's remarkable how a unsanctioned, unrestricted Egypt has managed to have a disastrous failing economy. People say the Iranian Government is incompetent, but the fact that many banana countries, who not only do NOT have an sanctions or restrictions on their economy but also receive military...
  12. Stryker1982

    Iranian Missiles | News and Discussions

    Success of the Ain Al-Assad strike by Iran, considered air defense failure according to Rand Inst. U.S has adamantly denied the presence of any air defense a Ain Al-Assad during that time. Interesting.
  13. Stryker1982

    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    We simply can't compete with the U.S on this front. It's not even worth time and money for investment. A B-1B with 4 F-22's can probably defeat a whole squadron beyond visual range. Theirs just no chance. Main focus in aviation should really focus on logistics of equipment, intelligence...
  14. Stryker1982

    Iranian Missiles | News and Discussions

    That's actually a good point, if their is some sort of footage, it might cause pressure for the U.S president to do retaliatory attacks if it looks real bad for the Americans.
  15. Stryker1982

    How US-China cold war will transform Pakistan

    Pakistan is in such a interesting predicament at the moment. First, It wants to keep good relations with the U.S but understand's China is a neighboring state and is more vital for economic and military/security reasons. With the U.S probably taking a more anti-china stance than ever before...
  16. Stryker1982

    Iran helps Venezuela in its time of need

    Looks like Fortune is in the Atlantic. Which means the Brits have not made an attempt to stop it. Now we have to see what the Americans will do.
  17. Stryker1982

    Friendly Fire Incident Or a major plot?

    It's sad that the joke is actually truthful. Struck Ukrainian airliner with mostly Iranians on board, struck our own ship due to errors. Crazy thing is that Iran needs to bomb someone/something precisely so this reputation can be slowly restored. Iranian armed forces are looking real...
  18. Stryker1982

    Despite U.S. Sanctions, Iran Expands Its Nuclear Stockpile

    How would you know if in their calculation, possessing a nuclear weapon is needed to preserve self-preservation. At some point, if the pressure and threats is great enough for calculations to warranty that action.
  19. Stryker1982

    Egypt's quiet weapons build-up

    As long as Israel borders Egypt, thier will never be a missile program unless Egypt is willing to pay a high cost. Just bordering Israel means you must be at their mercy because that's how the Americans and EU like it. You can't have both an defensive and offensive "sub-doctorine". either you...
  20. Stryker1982

    Iran's strange history with "UFOs"

    Okay, so in your fantasy, why would Iranian leadership want to shoot down the aircraft.