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  1. Sineva

    Trump has all but decided to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal: sources

    ☢BBC HARDtalk Interview - Rafael Grossi, - Director General, IAEA☢ A very interesting interview with Rafael Grossi. Naturally most of it is about iran,but grossi actually comes off looking a lot more impartial,or at least trying to for appearance sake,than I would`ve expected especially since...
  2. Sineva

    Iran-Russia Military Cooperation to Enter New Level

    I`ll believe it if and when I see it...... .......until then tho,russias past history of "reliable unreliability" towards iran speaks far more eloquently than any politicians sweet talk about "new levels of cooperation".
  3. Sineva

    The Man Who Refused to Spy

    A truly,truly horrible story.It sounds almost unbelievable,however in todays america it is only too easy to believe. The Man Who Refused to Spy The F.B.I. tried to recruit an Iranian scientist as an informant. When he balked, the payback was brutal...
  4. Sineva

    Iranian Ground Forces | News and Equipment

    It gets even crazier than that I`m afraid,as supposedly iran intends to then sell them to hezbollah so as to foil all of the good works that president macron is trying to do in lebanon.:crazy: "We are going to act in a way – and we have acted in a way – that will prevent Iran from being able to...
  5. Sineva

    Syrian Civil War (Graphic Photos/Vid Not Allowed)

    This guy really is a maniac.....
  6. Sineva

    Iranian UAVs | News and Discussions

    Its been exactly ONE YEAR since the drone attacks on saudi aramco were carried out,depending on who you believe,either by the houthis using iranian supplied drones or by iran itself.
  7. Sineva

    Iranian Navy | News and Discussions

    An excellent piece of work my friend.:enjoy::enjoy::enjoy: Something like this clearly shows the potential of the hulls of the class,however when it comes to actually equipping the hulls then it seems that everything just literally falls apart and there appears to be virtually little to no...
  8. Sineva

    Bushisms from Pompeo.

    Heres one that really gave me yet another laugh from the chump regime. It seems that mr pompeo has decided to copy the example of a certain american ex-president who was infamous for his poor grammar. Note to Mr Pompeo: One may pose the threat of instability or may even be the cause of...
  9. Sineva

    Iranian UAVs | News and Discussions

    Looks like the airforce is still working on the kaman-12.I guess they still really want to have an airforce designed and built drone. The big difference is that now the nose is painted and its been fitted with a rotating camera mount
  10. Sineva

    The end of the deal, hopes, delusions and treasons

    JCPOA: The Deal That Wasn’t https://ahtribune.com/world/north-africa-south-west-asia/iran/4283-jcpoa-the-deal-that-wasnt.html Of all the plans to control Iran beginning from Operation Ajax to Operation JCPOA and everything in between, the Iran Nuclear Deal was by far the most devious attempt at...
  11. Sineva

    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    What does seem rather odd about this image,at least to me,is that whoever took it seems to have either framed or cropped the image to ensure that the most obvious identifying national symbols,ie the national flag and roundels,are just out of shot,which does rather seem to defeat the whole...
  12. Sineva

    Featured Iran has rejected Russia's proposal to negotiate with the United States

    I think at a bare minimum he almost certainly would`ve been a future president of iran,and likely a very great one too. One can only wonder at what the entire mena region as a whole may well have potentially lost with his pointless murder. Truly a tragedy.
  13. Sineva

    Featured Iran has rejected Russia's proposal to negotiate with the United States

    It looks like the trumpfather is making him an offer that he cant [darent] refuse.
  14. Sineva

    Iranian Navy | News and Discussions

    Heres the USS Belknap after a fire that resulted from a collision with the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy The fire was so severe that the ships aluminium superstructure collapsed from the heat. Another problem with aluminium in naval vessels was a tendency for cracks and stress fractures to...
  15. Sineva

    Israel-UAE spy base on Socotra targets Iran, China, Pakistan

    Why not simply look at the same sort of strategy that the usraeli-nato-gcc tried in syria ie foment an insurgency as a prelude to a regime change.Even if the regime change part fails to eventuate,the uae would still likely be left in very poor shape economically and its regime would be badly...
  16. Sineva

    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    Yeah,thats probably about the last remaining part of the ukrainian military industrial complex left that can actually produce something......unfortunately without the russians buying those engines anymore they`re pretty much stuck producing something that they cant really use themselves and that...
  17. Sineva

    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    I agree,screw the ukrainians when it comes to paying any compensation for the 737,it was insured and its the job of the insurer to pay the claim and then to attempt to try to recover some of the costs from the other party.Besides with the sanctions these sorts of financial transactions are very...
  18. Sineva

    Iranian Space program

    I hate to be a downer but I think that this is a massively unrealistic time frame,and thats putting it mildly. I think its going to take at least 4 years just to even attempt to try and get the space program back to where it was back in 2015,as it has been literally gutted in the 5 years since...
  19. Sineva

    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    Ordering something virtually off the drawing board is always a very risky proposition and sadly in this case ultimately proved to be a bad idea,if even a couple of examples had been procured for testing in iran under local conditions it would`ve been quickly apparent that the aircraft was simply...
  20. Sineva

    Iranian Ground Forces | News and Equipment

    Supposedly they either did,or were going to test a variant of it in syria,tho this was the short ranged helo launched anti tank version on the ka52. https://www.rbth.com/defence/2016/10/28/russia-to-test-new-anti-tank-guided-missiles-in-syria_642965 The idea is actually quite a simple...