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  1. PakAlp

    The Begums of Bengal

    I was thinking what have the 2 Begums done now 😆
  2. PakAlp

    2011 Flashback: How the war in Syria started!

    We need to look way before the Arab spring to understand the Syrian war. The Syrian war was bound to take place when Usa attacked Iraq, Usa accused Syria of being enemy state, sponsor of alqaida, and building chemical weapons. Everybody knew Syria will be next on the hitlist but the war in...
  3. PakAlp

    English Premier League - 2020/21

    I am team PDF Fc, anyone making transfers for this week games. I am considering atleast 2 transfers.
  4. PakAlp

    Russia’s Natural Population Declines for 4th Straight Year

    The modern secular way of life is so busy and hectic, family system is being destroyed and people don't even want children because of the responsibilities, the worry about their future etc. These days children as soon as they are 16 they want to leave home, move on with their lives, don't have...
  5. PakAlp

    Pakistan Army's T-129 ATAK Helicopter Deal | Updates & Discussions.

    Definitely a mistake. They should have waited another 10 to 15 years, developed their defence industry fully. 5th generation fighter jets, helicopters, highly developed economy. They would have automatically risen as a regional power. Unless ofcourse Turkey is confident they can make their...
  6. PakAlp

    English Premier League - 2020/21

    Come on Salah, I am expecting 3 goals. He's my tripple captain aswell
  7. PakAlp

    English Premier League - 2020/21

    Sancho and a right back deal should be done :) Chelsea has done impressive in the transfer window. Liverpool and Man C are already the leaders. World class squads These 4 are the obvious top 4
  8. PakAlp

    English Premier League - 2020/21

    I will change it next week and the week after to bring in Man U and Man C players, can't leave my favourite players out lol
  9. PakAlp

    English Premier League - 2020/21

    What players have you guys selected? This is my team for this week.
  10. PakAlp

    English Premier League - 2020/21

    Great to have Leeds back, I remember when they used to be a top team, am sure they will be back for good👍
  11. PakAlp

    English Premier League - 2020/21

    I support Man U, if they sign Sancho and a left back they will have a good chance to win the league, at the moment they dont have the squad to win the league. Liverpool and Man City are amazing the favourites for the league at the moment
  12. PakAlp

    English Premier League - 2020/21

    Many thanks, I've joined both leagues. 4 teams in PDF league so far
  13. PakAlp

    English Premier League - 2020/21

    Which league should I join for PDF members only?
  14. PakAlp

    SAC FC-31 Stealth Fighter: News & Discussions

    They will most likely, J31/J35 or J?? will be project AZM with Pakistani specs, Pakistan will take the next step from Jf17, Project Azm with chinese, Turkish, S Africa, Italy systems. It will be around 2028-2032 time.
  15. PakAlp

    SAC - FC-31 Grey Falcon Stealth aircraft for PAF : Updates & Debate.

    J31 looks amazing. Hope chinese military decides to buy this so the project is worked on at full swing. By 2030 we should have a lethal J31/J35 ready to induct
  16. PakAlp

    Featured US seeks formal alliance similar to Nato with India, Japan and Australia, State Department official says

    China and India may have border issues but they won't have a full blown war, so its better for them both to rise as a power. Usa as usual is trying their level best to make other powers fight.
  17. PakAlp

    Saudi Arabia working to bring down PTI Government and wants PML-N Nawaz Sharif back in power!

    Pakistan is slowly becoming independent, this is why all the issues and blackmailing, certain Muslim countries believe they are the champions of the ummah and want to control everything, and think of themselves as the leaders, just like how uncle Sam wants to control the world and believe it...
  18. PakAlp

    UAE dissident group forms

    I fear for their safety. Uae is not Pakistan where terrorist and their sympathisers are walking freely, in Uae those who oppose the deal will be seen as a threat.
  19. PakAlp

    Allowing Nawaz to leave was a 'mistake', says PM Imran

    Very unfortunate, if it were a poor person he would have been hanged for corruption but as always those with money get away. All this system has been exposed, the mafia, political elite, Judiciary all are backing each other, and I won't forget to add many retired generals. What can the Pakistani...
  20. PakAlp

    SAC - FC-31 Grey Falcon Stealth aircraft for PAF : Updates & Debate.

    We discussed this many times, the J31 fighter will not be ready till 2030, it only has 2 prototypes. The chinese airforce at the moment are concentrating on the J20 fighter and this is why J31 project has gone quiet, it could also be possible they are making another fighter jet ie J35...