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  1. Kristian

    Anarchy or police state in Sweden 2019 years...

    Maybe I will anarchy in Sweden all time. Or 50 procents higher police mens. 4000 or 30,000 policemen in Sweden. :police: Only if racist party SD wins in 2018. More police units. :big_boss: What to say about??
  2. Kristian

    Plannes are smaller Army, Air Force and Navy groups....

    What I thinking are the plannes for the 2020s new plannes in US Army. Army - 60,000 soldiers. Air Force - 14,000 man. Navy - 20,000 sailors. Coast Guard - 6000 man. Marin Corps - 150,000 soldiers. Reserve: 1,000,000 soldiers. Total: 250,000 sailors and soldiers. About 50,000-75,000 sailors...
  3. Kristian

    Worst country in world??

    I thinks this ones: 1.N.Korea 2.Vietnam 3.Cuba 4.Russia 5.Syria 6.France 7.Britain 8.Brazil USAs enemies one real closely. Cuba are black communists. Russia are anti western world. Even I do not like France and Britain mostly. What's other thinking about worse in world? Whatever.
  4. Kristian

    Youres favorites in military or overall

    Heres my favorites in military: Germany Finland Hungary Nigeria Sweden Estonia Botswana United States Belgium Mexico Suiss Serbia Somalia Greece Lithua Poland South Africa Kenya Marocco Libya Pakistan Israel India Kongo-Kinshasa Egypt In Music and Sports theres all world babe. :usflag...