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  1. Kristian

    Anarchy or police state in Sweden 2019 years...

    Maybe I will anarchy in Sweden all time. Or 50 procents higher police mens. 4000 or 30,000 policemen in Sweden. :police: Only if racist party SD wins in 2018. More police units. :big_boss: What to say about??
  2. Kristian

    US military news, discussions and history

    Old American style in Vietnam war. :police:
  3. Kristian

    What Are You Listening to Right Now - Round 2

    Brittish Music.
  4. Kristian

    Plannes are smaller Army, Air Force and Navy groups....

    Now I thinking this: Army - 500,000 Air Force - 100,000 Navy - 70,000 Coast Guard - 30,000 Marin Corps - 150,000 1,100,000 in reserve. Total: 850,000 sailors and soldiers. 350 F-22 and F-15SE. 240 Apache helicopters 3000 other air crafts. 6 carriers. For the 2020s. :ph34r: :ph34r: But...
  5. Kristian

    Plannes are smaller Army, Air Force and Navy groups....

    What I thinking are the plannes for the 2020s new plannes in US Army. Army - 60,000 soldiers. Air Force - 14,000 man. Navy - 20,000 sailors. Coast Guard - 6000 man. Marin Corps - 150,000 soldiers. Reserve: 1,000,000 soldiers. Total: 250,000 sailors and soldiers. About 50,000-75,000 sailors...
  6. Kristian

    Country Flags

    Hello Mods. Will to change my finnish flag to British or Norweigan. Please change to me.
  7. Kristian

    Top 10 Strongest Armies in the World

    My new list in top-10: 1.Russia 2.United States 3.Canada 4.Israel 5.Turkey 6.China 7.UK 8.Iraq 9.Brazil 10.Indonesia Only first forces. Only in homeland in everybody. From 2015.
  8. Kristian

    Country Flags

    I will to change father and mother land Finland. Many celebs in Hollywood. Great movies. Sweden here I live I never change country flag. To left on my profile Mods can change. To Norway. Or Sweden. Please. I will now only finnish or swedish flags on my profile.
  9. Kristian

    Reason Why Pakistan hates Israel

    Israel is powerful country in Middle east. Arabs can't do nothing.
  10. Kristian

    Hi am new here

    Welcome mr Honda.
  11. Kristian


    South eastern Europe.
  12. Kristian


    I ranked European military 2015: 1.Russia - 765,850 2.Britain - 146,650 3.Netherlands - 40,000 4.France - 197,000 5.Germany - 105,330 6.Greece - 177,300 7.Finland - 224,900 - this year reform by okt-nov-dec. 8.Serbia - 52,000 9.Poland - 99,200 10.Sweden - 38,550 I hopes Germany forces up to...
  13. Kristian


    So they have F-16 to this year? I remember they buys Su-22 in january 2015. And MIG-31 since last year.
  14. Kristian


    Poland have 31 MIG-31 and 36 Sukhoi Su-22. Total: 67 pcs.
  15. Kristian


    They are smooth with Germany and competing with Germany and has even many ground troops in army units(a few tousand and higher in Poland unsofar). Future planned maybe 69,000 men in Germany are higher Poland today. Four tousand higher in the army for Germans. What's the planned in Poland in...
  16. Kristian

    Military industry in the Muslim World

    One transport, one attacking helicopter.
  17. Kristian

    Youres favorites in military or overall

    1.Sweden 2.Germany 3.Nigeria 4.Israel 5.South Africa My top-5 best of countrys.
  18. Kristian

    Saudi Arabia keen to buy JF-17 Thunder fighter from Pakistan

    F-5, F-15, Eurofighter and now JF-17. Saudiarabia is soon 350-400 fighters in Air Force branches.
  19. Kristian

    India feels ‘isolation’ in Afghan-Taliban talks

    Talibans are bad for Afghans living in Afghanistan. I wondering Talibans only kills Army soldiers. I know now that Talibans kills in suicise bomb plus Afghan Army.