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  1. pingfeng

    do you think it is a good idea to integrate Pakistan and China

    Not a good idea! First Pakistan is a independent country, we should respect its soveignty and dignity, especially it's our best friend. We may be shamefull to be so rude with such IDEA! Then, Pakistan has its own unique problems which many we chinese can never understand. and actually...
  2. pingfeng

    China, Vietnam settle long-disputed land border

    land border settled? I don't think so because it's not so easy a issue, and maybe even because it sounds so quickly to many chinese. maybe we need something settled temporarily to focus on something else, and then it will be settled actually. trust me, the game is not over.
  3. pingfeng

    China's Best Ships in Gulf: Trouble for India?

    look back to the history and learn how chinese would help their freind! Any one who want to hurt Pak would just be hurt more! Chinese's sure about that!
  4. pingfeng

    A page of Chinese ShenZhou VII action

    click the first link below the state pillow in the right to download the vedio if the data flow is hampered!
  5. pingfeng

    A page of Chinese ShenZhou VII action

    the cite is/http://news.163.com/special/00012V1C/shenqimoni.html :victory::china:
  6. pingfeng

    Action simulation of Chinese ShenZhou 7

    A cite of chinese civil where simulated ShenZhou 7 's action! ÉñÆßÌ«¿ÕÐÐ×ß3DÄ£Ä⶯»­ PS: ÉñÆßÌ«¿ÕÐÐ×ß3DÄ£Ä⶯»­ :pakistan: happy together!
  7. pingfeng

    a pic in chinese military bbs which i have been deeply moved

    well, I downloaded this pic and shared it with my friends. they laughed at me because all of them have the pic and spreaded to anyone! I love Pakistan!
  8. pingfeng

    Chinese Freedom!

    It's OK. Everyone need to concerning into their own buziness indeed, and so it is the judgement they should know!
  9. pingfeng

    Chinese Freedom!

    Ha, HUKOU, means the certification of peoples' birth place and play a role for a more efficient orgnization, of course you can call it control. But who isn't controlled absolutely? Chinese acts effecient really, e.g. the war against SARS, the action of Olympic, and even some wars against other...
  10. pingfeng

    Today we open arms and celebrate

    Haha, evry chinese applaused when Pakistan team entered the BirdNest stadium in opening ceremony, and they were so special! You know chinese regards them specially and cheer for their every victory! I watched the ceremony and it's really amazingly excellent in expressing chinese ancien culture...
  11. pingfeng

    35 Pak Olympic spectators held as terror suspects

    Everyone knows whether the Olympic safty should be protected. And chinese should do all they can do to consure. Just as WEBMASTER said, if they're terrorists they should be arrested, if they aren't they should be free. No matter what nationality they maintain, chinese or pakistani, every...
  12. pingfeng

    Bush throws support behind Georgia, Warn to Russia

    We are learning the lessons from Russian military action, and it's really not so attrctive that whatever Bush said.
  13. pingfeng

    Jashn-e-Azaadi Mubarak! & Happy Birthday Defence.pk!

    Happy Independence day to all Pakistan friends! We wish a stronger Pakistan and its lovely peoples all the time! All the friends, especially Pakistan friends, are warmly welcome to Olympic, and we are so willing to be a good host for you. We have noticed some events in your country, and...
  14. pingfeng

    India, Pakistan cannot sideline Kashmir: Mirwaiz

    Many times, and actually along the whole history, there was a truth: no right, no wrong ,but only the weak and the strong.(I made it, :)) When Pakistan become strong enough, Pakistani can get what they want, not to mention a Kashimir; And when Indea become a super strong country, it can also...
  15. pingfeng

    Huge Earth Quake hits China

    Thank all the freinds of pakistan and any other countries! Chinese and their PLA will do their best to minimize the lost and win this battle with disaster!
  16. pingfeng

    Why they hate China

  17. pingfeng

    Why they hate China

    He didn't deflect with you said "Communist" method. I don't think you know the Communism very well but just distorted it with your unhappiness in your life, social or not. I have said that you like making it looks like you know well of a thing. But actually, you have fleet many faults of your...
  18. pingfeng

    Pakistan Beware, They Are Cornering China!

    A chinese dog(that so called chinese historian) become mad. And India have dogs too, yes? don't treat him as a matter, He will never "generate big climate". And he is being scolded by people much more that those who "hiyo" for him.
  19. pingfeng

    Thank you very much, Pakistan friends!

    a friend in need is a friend indeed. Olymipic is a great thing to spread peace harmony and love. But not a fetal thing for china. Chinese want to hold it well to show chinese's good willing to all human being, but I think china needn't treat it exaustedly. Without it, we are still chinese and...
  20. pingfeng

    ANALYSIS: A new approach to counter-terrorism

    Haha, I think the very terrorism lie in World-Ploce's brain, and the most dangerous terrorist was their private! Wherever they went, there're chaos;whatever they did, it rised destruction. Ironic!