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    F-22 Raptor’s Impressive Maneuverability

    That made me LOL! :usflag: The Euro Fighters, all 3-20 of them, would be shot down before they even knew there was a F22 around. Yes, there are huge and expensive costs associated with the F22 -- but for a good reason. You can't use Volkswagon money to buy a Ferrari for the same...
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    Chengdu J-10 Multirole Fighter Air Craft News & Discussions

    J10 looks like a pretty close copy to the F16 :)
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    Pakistan should replace F-16 with F-35 ?

    Hi All, Just wanted to chime in here on the thought of replacing F16s with F35s or F22s. 1. F22s will not be sold to anyone. It's a US only aircraft. Don't even think about it because it's been said more than once that it will never be sold outside the USA. 2. The F35s were sold to...
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    Su-30 vs. F-35

    While this is true, there is no doubt there were some key design factors taken from both the YF22 and YF23. The YF23 used some of the front end technology directly from the F-15 (cockpit being one of them). While the airframe was completely new there were some parts that were...
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    Su-30 vs. F-35

    Correct. Comparatively speaking the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (as sad as it was) pale in comparison to the power of the nuclear warheads at least 5-10 countries now own.
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    Su-30 vs. F-35

    Actually the PAC FA T-50 is very much a combination of the F22 and YF23 without thrust vectoring. Interesting you mention the YF23. It was actually a better 5th generation fighter than the YF22. The reason the US Government did not select it was due to "possible" costs and not having thrust...
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    Su-30 vs. F-35

    A. Ask Dragon Emperor as he is the one who brought up the US vs China issue. Since he keyed on that I felt it was important to address it. B. You must not know who Adolf Hitler is. He alone is responsible for more deaths than anyone I know of in history. The U.S. is not even close. C. We...
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    Su-30 vs. F-35

    First off, it's highly doubtful there would ever be a military conflict between the US and China. Even if our political system is distinctly different, we both benefit from each other. Secondly, given the ability/rate that F22s are shown in simulated encounters, you will probably need more...
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    Su-30 vs. F-35

    Hi Guys, I was browsing around looking for more info on the F35 and somehow I stumbled upon this forum. First off, let me apologize for my idiotic American friend. Most Americans are good, hard working people who do not harbor hatred or anger. Just very poorly raised children with bad...