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  1. Valar.

    Featured Government to table bill for rapists’ castration, hanging

    IIRC, couple of years ago, there was a case in Karachi in which a poor labour boy was abducted on street while he was going back home by multiple women(1 middle aged and 2/3 younger ones) and they they took him to secluded place, tied him up, repeatedly beat him and his D, sucked him dry, got...
  2. Valar.

    Featured Government to table bill for rapists’ castration, hanging

    While the lady is laughing at him, entire prison should stand behind the lady and laugh at him. Once a year, on his D cutting anniversary, lady should visit him and he should paraded naked in front of entire jail. After the lady leaves, all jail staff should simply go for 6 hour long Smoke...
  3. Valar.

    Hi Speed Infinity 150 bike

    Not into motor bikes. But if I ever buy one then it would be either this or Road Prince Wego.
  4. Valar.

    Featured India, China troops within shooting range at Spanggur Gap in Eastern Ladakh

    https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/percentage-of-europeans-who-are-willing-to-fight-a-war-for-their-country.616737/ Just in case if anybody is interested, This thread gives a rough idea about who is willing to fight for country.
  5. Valar.

    Shadowban Test

    https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/why-do-my-new-comments-take-several-minutes-to-be-displayed.684473/ I and Others are having same problem too. @WebMaster
  6. Valar.

    Work on 5-star hotel, amusement park at Nilgiri begins

    Fun part, both of them don't live in Pak and if they ever want to relocate to Pakistan then their first choice will almost always be DHA (Defence Housing Authority). lol
  7. Valar.

    Woman raped on Lahore Ring Road, infront of her two children.

    This entire thread reminds me of poor Zainab's case thread and the cases which happened previously especially the ones involving poor kids, and all the way to 2 Sialkot brothers who were lynched a decade ago. The more they show up, the more I believe that there is something seriously wrong with...
  8. Valar.

    Woman raped on Lahore Ring Road, infront of her two children.

    Tragic. Culprits will be found, punishment will be given. We need to teach men how to behave so that such incidents never occur. A compaign of public awareness is need of the hour. The real problems for the women and her children now for the rest their lives will be trauma/PTSD and dealing...
  9. Valar.

    Featured CoronaVirus in Pakistan - Updates & Discussion

    Alhamdulillah ! 97.9% of our cases are now closed. In terms of Active cases, we are world no. 54 Inshallah, it will improve even more. Ameen
  10. Valar.

    4 Million Covid-19 Cases in India

    Good Indians and their media were gloating about Pakistan's cases in the beginning and were saying how Pakistan is gonna die of corona now. And here we are now with around 300K cases(Pak) vs 4M cases(Ind). Now, just imagine, if instead of India, Pakistan had 4 million cases and India had 300K...
  11. Valar.

    India 82,860 new cases yesterday. 1026 death, RIP. New world record per day.

    India makes a world record of having highest corona cases in a day. Next day, India breaks her own record by having even higher cases. And the next day even more higher. And yet, good Indians are all over Internet worrying about corona cases in neighbouring countries and whether or not they are...
  12. Valar.

    Pakistani corner

    And that is how long one's life is - duration between Azan and Namaz.
  13. Valar.

    India's use of less accurate coronavirus tests raise concerns

    India's use of less accurate coronavirus tests raise concerns Experts say over-reliance on antigen tests, which are cheaper and faster, could impede efforts to contain the virus. 24 Aug 2020 India crossed the three-million-case milestone on Sunday, 17 days after it crossed the...
  14. Valar.

    Featured CoronaVirus in Pakistan - Updates & Discussion

    Finally, our active cases are in 4 digits. Closed cases are 96.9%
  15. Valar.

    Woman wants DIVORCE from husband because he is “TOO KIND & LOVING” (UAE Sharia Court)

    Feel bad for the guy, but when you act like a doormat, this is what happens. Doormat - One who submits meekly to domination or mistreatment by others.
  16. Valar.

    Forum Update 2020|Feedback and Discussion

    OMG !!! I'm lovin' it !!!!!
  17. Valar.

    The decadence of the Arab world

    Lack of critical thinking.
  18. Valar.

    (QUESTION) Why can’t Pakistani men marry Saudi women?

    It's not just foreigners. There are different races or ethnicities in Pakistan too. Those men who are hardwired into 'We vs Others' also differentiate among different Pakistani ethnicities too. It just doesn't end on same ethnicity either, it even goes into same tribe of that said ethnicity...
  19. Valar.

    (QUESTION) Why can’t Pakistani men marry Saudi women?

    Just because you are hardwired into this mentality does not mean every men is.