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  1. Birbal

    Explosion sinks INS Sindhurakshak Submarine with 18 onboard.

    To say Pakistan did this is as ridiculous as saying North Korea torpedoed the Cheonan.
  2. Birbal

    Future of Syria

    They didn't know it was a Turkish jet when they shot it down. Israel has a history of violating Syrian airspace, and it flies the F-4, so Syria did the right thing and shot it down in its own territorial waters within 1km of its coastline. Turkey needs to be more careful with its flights...
  3. Birbal

    Korean Wave making North Koreans rebellious against the regime

    I have to say I've been very impressed by the South Korean film industry. I think today it's probably the highest quality film industry in Asia. That's not to say other Asian film industries don't make many quality movies, but only in Korea are all the best selling movies quality movies.
  4. Birbal

    ISRO to test indigenous cryogenic engine today

    I wish there were an ISRO center in Maharashtra. I would work for them.
  5. Birbal

    Rapid development of chinese cities

    15 day skyscraper!
  6. Birbal

    Saudi Arabia asks NAM states to recognize Palestine

    I'm going to remember this analogy. You've hit the nail on the head. I don't see Israel making a good faith effort to negotiate for peace. Instead, I see it stalling for time through open-ended peace talks while continuing to build settlements.
  7. Birbal

    How to kill F-22

    Is this some computer game where the F-22 gets to have multiple missile reloads? It cannot kill all of them. It only has so much ammunition, and only the AMRAAMs can be used by the F-22 at a safe distance. As for not knowing where the aircraft is, that's just false. The F-22 is clearly visible...
  8. Birbal

    EK THA TIGER - Teaser Trailer - Salman Khan, Probably goona Ban in Pakistan

    America used to use Nazis and Russians as the bad guys for all its movies (and the Russians likewise with mostly Nazis and sometimes Americans as bad guys). Then the Cold War ended and after 9/11 Hollywood started using Islamic terrorists as the favorite enemy. After a while Hollywood realized...
  9. Birbal

    How to kill F-22

    I read this article before but it was terrible. The way to kill an F-22 is to locate it (using VHF-band radar) and then throw Mig-21s or other old expendable aircraft at it (with instructions for the pilots to eject at the first sign of a missile attack) until it runs out of missiles shooting...
  10. Birbal

    Mirage F-1 > in IRAN

    I see someone's been reading too much Wikipedia...
  11. Birbal

    Who are Wahabbi? What is Wahabbism?

    This is one thing we can let the Pakistanis take credit for.
  12. Birbal

    Republic of California Country Flag

    You might not realize that I live in California.
  13. Birbal

    US Military to Defeat Iran Military in Three weeks

    A fat lot of good air and sea power was against the Serbian army. And the Iranian army is much better armed than the Serbian army. Air power alone can never win a war. Only a ground invasion can do that. And a ground invasion against a very hostile population such as Iran's is not advisable...
  14. Birbal


    It's believed it could be a software issue. Since oxygen supply was mechanically controlled in the past, this was never a problem. So this could certainly crop up with the F-35.
  15. Birbal

    World War II: USSR Front

    Not at all. The Soviets were prepared for the fall of Moscow and would simply have moved their administration Eastwards. It would have been like Napoleon's invasion once again.
  16. Birbal

    Republic of California Country Flag

    I would really appreciate it if you allowed the selection of California as a location. I want to have the bear flag as my location flag.
  17. Birbal

    World War II: USSR Front

    btw, S-19, don't bother debating Desert Fox. He's a neo-nazi.
  18. Birbal

    World War II: USSR Front

    As for lend-lease and other American participation, I as an American can be proud of our role in that war, while acknowledging that the Soviets did most of the fighting and would have won the war on their own. While the Soviets would have won the war themselves, there can be no question that...
  19. Birbal

    World War II: USSR Front

    It weakened it in the short term but was good in the long term. In the short term, the reorganization of the military command was soon to be completed when Hitler attacked, so the Red Army was in a precarious position. But most of the people that Stalin purged were corrupt officers or...
  20. Birbal

    New Russian Stealth Tank to Have Remotely Controlled Gun Turret

    Bullshit. The original M60 had a stereoscopic rangefinder. The M60A3 (in 1979) was the first to get a ballistic computer. It has passive as well as active capability and is vertically stabilized. Maybe for a tiny country like Israel. But for a decent sized country, given the historical...