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  1. Serpentine

    Beirut explosion: Six sources explain details, shine light on Hezbollah link

    source: Garbage.co uhhm, sorry, alArabiya.com. Ok, that's genuine.
  2. Serpentine

    Featured A Powerful explosion rocks Beirut.

    َAnd the best aid you can give to Lebanon is ceasing to exist, because Israel is nothing but an existential threat to Lebanon, with a lot of psychos as politicians and military commanders.
  3. Serpentine

    Has Egypt acquired one of the most powerful Russian land weapons?

    Whoever is in charge of selecting and buying equipment for Egyptian armed forces is a complete and utter idiot. When you have the largest fleet of Abrams tank after the U.S itself, why would you go for 500 Russian tanks with whole different subsystems which makes maintenance a big headache? Not...
  4. Serpentine

    Iranian Chill Thread

    Thank you.
  5. Serpentine

    Iranian Chill Thread

    Regarding my absence, I am very busy with life and I welcome designating a second respected Iranian member as a moderator of this subsection. I shall also raise the issue with senior admins of PDF.
  6. Serpentine

    Bavar-373 : Next Generation

    In August 2019, Iran’s long-range Bavar 373 air defense system was unveiled at an official ceremony attended by President Hassan Rouhani. The domestically-built system is the fruit of a decade of research and technology development. The project to develop such a missile defense system was...
  7. Serpentine

    are these people loyal to Pakistan or iran

    Every once in a while, a sectarian member with known history opens a provoking thread, only to have gullible and emotional people jump on board going hyper nationalistic. This has been going on for years.
  8. Serpentine

    Iran backed Zainebiyoun brigade composed of Pakistani Shia guarding the Baghdad Damascus highway

    Almost all of them have lived in Iran for years or decades, and hopefully, many will be given citizenship. They are not Pakistan's concern anymore imo.
  9. Serpentine

    Why Pakistan's Geography Sucks

    Yes I would say that to them too. We don't need any more land, we have enough of it.
  10. Serpentine

    Why Pakistan's Geography Sucks

    Your 'dreams' happen to have an eye on other countries' soil. That's not appreciated. Keep your dreams within your borders and strive for it, that's actually what every country should do.
  11. Serpentine

    Why Pakistan's Geography Sucks

    Too much daydreaming in a single post. Good job Sir.
  12. Serpentine

    Saudi Arabia's Supreme Court ends flogging as punishment

    I like how you are ready to even bash your own country to support Saudi Arabia and whitewash any criticism around it.
  13. Serpentine

    US very concerned about successful Iranian rocket launch

    The post is completely within forum rules. With the kind of clowns that are currently ruling the U.S., from Trump to Pompeo and others, I was actually too soft on the issue. If the post hurts you or your feelings, you can simply ignore it and pass on.
  14. Serpentine

    Iran leader refuses US help; cites coronavirus conspiracy theory

    U.S didn't offer to do jackshit. One is a fool to believe otherwise. Iran doesn't need U.S help, actually we are managing corona much better than U.S itself. If these deplorable pieces of shit who now form U.S government had slightest amount of care or decency, they would suspend sanctions and...
  15. Serpentine

    BREAKING : American spy Robert Levinson dead in Iranian jail

    You are killing Iranians with economic terrorism even in a pandemic, and you dare to talk about inhuman? U.S establishment is one of the most inhumane ones in the world right now. And you are here shedding crocodile tears over a CIA spy who god knows where he actually is, it's not even confirmed...
  16. Serpentine

    BREAKING : American spy Robert Levinson dead in Iranian jail

    I would say that about many U.S armed personnel (who made a hobby out of killing unarmed civilians in wars across ME) as well as U.S politicians. Hell, your president is an animal, a dumb one, mind you. Anyway, there has not been a SINGLE evidence of Robert Levinson's whereabouts in Iran, it's...
  17. Serpentine

    Warning: Countries that should be kept on travel ban post-Covid19 - Russia, Iran and North Korea

    This thread smells butthurt from a 100m distance. Keep your distance.
  18. Serpentine

    Iran didn't cooperate regarding Corona : FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi

    It is always, ALWAYS, easier to blame others first and starting to throw tantrums. Hold your own government responsible at least for once, just like we are doing now. The virus entered Pakistan from various sources, including European countries and even China. It was going to get in one way or...
  19. Serpentine

    PM Imran Khan calls for removal of sanctions on Iran

    Iran doesn't need money and it's not a priority, the problem is that sanctions make it almost impossible for bank transactions to pay for imported medical equipment. Even a simpleton can understand that.
  20. Serpentine

    Eggplant Rain in Iran?

    It was a prank video made by a video editor.