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    HINDU MUSLIM bhai bhai!!!!

    ??? False and crap False again. Like what?????? We have 2 eyes, 2 ear, 1 nose type similarity?????? Not, us. We just defend our self India have never ever initiated a war on pakistan. We are successful so the question again ping pong to other side. Not our call, we are not...
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    Poll: Afghan support for Taliban steadily declining

    What u want to say??? US even funds pakistan for that matter.
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    BD woman divorced husband within 10 mins of wedding on stage 4 asking dowry

    Shame on him. Best of luck for the lady for future, she have just get rid of blood sucker leech.
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    India is playing a dangerous game

    Thread is reported for flame and fake thread title put up to start flame war. Lets see if Mods take action on it or not.
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    Could India Go the Way of Greece and Italy?

    :rofl: :rofl: Lol, we are 2nd fastest big economy growing at a rocket speed and some people are have wet dreams.
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    Manmohan accepts invitation to visit Pak

    Manmohan singh will go to any extent to harm India's interest and help pakistan :hitwall:
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    Time to test India’s Cold Start Doctrine

    Don't worry. No need to make conspiracy theories. Manmohan singh will die but never allow any harm to pakistan.
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    Pak school observes Kashmir Black Day

    pakistan should not take politics to the school kids. :disagree: As recently published US study have said that pakistan seeds hate to kids get proved again.
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    Cattle trader injured in BSF firing dies

    The actual news is that a BD smuggler was doing smuggling when BSF have done its duty to war and stop him but as he don't Liston and surrender the good force have done its duty by not killing even a foreign smugglers but have injured him so that he don't run away. That's the job for what they...
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    India signs umbrella pact with Maldives

    Port......... yeah we should go for it.
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    India, Russia to ink contracts for two additional N-reactors

    India, Russia to ink contracts for two additional N-reactors Undeterred by the continuing protests over the controversial Rs 13,000-crore Kudankulam power plant in Tamil Nadu, the upcoming Russia-India Summit next month in Moscow, led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Russian Premier...
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    For what u have issued infraction??? I have not used any language whatsoever, just posted a...

    For what u have issued infraction??? I have not used any language whatsoever, just posted a news. There are many threads started by pakistanis who have started threads on Indian states in world affairs or banned topics like toilet thread but these people don't get infraction but u intentionally...
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    Stop violence against Christians in Karnataka

    Few minutes back i have posted a thread about the: Pakistan Police “Torture” Pregnant Christian Maid BosNewsLife – Christian News Agency » Blog Archive » Pakistan Police “Torture” Pregnant Christian Maid Sri Lanka Guardian: PAKISTAN: A Pregnant maid tortured A...
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    Indian Army emerges as the best patrolling force in the World.

    Indian forces are the best in the world. :tup:
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    31 get life sentence for Gujarat Riots

    From when u start trolling my friend silent soldier??????
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    New US base in Australia to counter China

    US don't need another base to counter china they already have many.
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    India's top court 'shocked' by Pakistanis in jail

    I am also shocked why kasab is not hanged??
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    India's biggest scam trial kicks off today

    trolling without any idea of the subject
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    What Hollywood found in India

    Do u find anything other then cheap in chinese stuff...............
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    China wants SAARC plus One arrangement (SAARC+1)

    SAARC = south asia = no place for china