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  1. BordoEnes

    Akinci & Aksungur and Turkish Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Program

    You mean one of the most corrupt company in S.Korea? There are many Korean Chaebol's, but none are more so evident and big as Samsung. It litteraly has become a meme there at this point. The infamous "Nut incident" comes to mind, you cant make this shit up...
  2. BordoEnes

    Akinci & Aksungur and Turkish Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Program

    Family companies and conglomerates tend to be ridden with corruption eventually. There tend to be derogatory terms for these companies and conglomerates, most famous example being Korean Chaebol's. I dont think Bayraktar is nearly at that level yet, but with Capitalism these things become quite...
  3. BordoEnes

    Turkish Naval Programs

    Also money.... mostly.
  4. BordoEnes

    Turkish Economy - News & Updates

    Stfu with your dumbass values. You dare speak like that whilst you live in a privileged secularist society that adheres to these values you opposes so much. How dare you talk like that whilst you live in the UK where you can benefit from all the things you critisize Turkey and Turks off. What an...
  5. BordoEnes

    Turkish Economy - News & Updates

    Its all good guys. The Aya Sophia is a Mosque again.
  6. BordoEnes

    Blue Homeland (Mavi Vatan)

    Both countries are doing everything in their power to get the maximum of their claim on the negotiation table. The military drills, the Oruc reis NAVTEX, Egyptian posturing and etc. Its all so that we can inevitably reach and accord, because thats the only way this is going to get solved. Both...
  7. BordoEnes

    Turkish Armed Forces Multimedia Center

    I know i am supposed to be more mature but i love how we are just pissing off France and casually build influence in their self-proclaimed sphere of influence.
  8. BordoEnes

    Turkish Airpower has a Fifth Generation Aircraft Problem

    Chinese is making it on their own with no assistance afaik. The difference is that Turkey already build fighter jets under license so it has some experience, not to mention all the achievement in the field of engines and propulsion in the last couple years. A decade should be enough to create...
  9. BordoEnes

    Çay Bahçesi

    Her Biji Hellasstan.
  10. BordoEnes

    Egyptian Armed Forces

    Yeah Turkey made airplanes at one point to. The difference is ofcourse the costs and sheer amount of advanced technology that is used in today's planes is far to big to make an accurate comparison. You would quite litteraly need dosens of companies along with hundreds of contracts to be assigned...
  11. BordoEnes

    Egyptian Armed Forces

    Do you even have the companies with the neccesary technology and know how do develop systems and subsystems from the ground up? Or else you are basically building a fighter consists mostly of foreign compenents that are bought of the shelve. A lot of nation can technicaly make fighter Jets, but...
  12. BordoEnes

    44,000 sign petition for France to take control of Lebanon

    Funny how people critisize Turkey about neo-Ottoman imperialism but then you have this dipshit arguing about "strong links" with a puppet state for a couple decades who you got through exactly that. Every word you speak is an insult to world order and peace. What you need to do is **** off and...
  13. BordoEnes

    Developments and Turkish operations in Libya

    S-300/400 arent "highly mobile". They take time and effort to properly function and setup. These systems arent Pantsirs or like any other single platform systems, but have a vast network of supporting and electronic equipments and cargo. The fact is that once these sites have been setup its...
  14. BordoEnes

    Developments and Turkish operations in Libya

    The Russians even explained this explicitly as to why their Pantsirs were failing in Libya and Syria.
  15. BordoEnes

    Turkish Economy - News & Updates

    @kartal1 Link doesnt work for me man (in Cay Bahce) @T-123456 Lmao i got banned from Cay bahce
  16. BordoEnes

    Turkish Naval Programs

    This was actually quite a shock to me. I always assume fifth generation fighter jets are in the medium tier in terms of capabilties, avionics, propulsion and etc. but the KFX is basically a light fighter jet. The engine having 57.8 kN (13,000 lbf) thrust each seems lacking in comparison to what...
  17. BordoEnes

    Featured Turkey’s National Fighter, TFX/MMU, will roll out in 18 March 2023

    Developing an engine for the TFX is a long term goal that wont be achieved in the next decade. Its likely that the first batch or so will use either American or British engines, and that will be fine for the time being. The likely partner on the engine will most likely be British as our...
  18. BordoEnes

    Turkish Politics & Internal Affairs

    The greatest joy i can have, people are finally opening their eyes.
  19. BordoEnes

    Developments and Turkish operations in Libya

    Maybe have a national day of remembrance for those then frog. https://www.dw.com/en/france-dedicates-first-armenian-genocide-commemorations/a-48467494 You people in particular a special breed of hypocrites. The ideals of liberty, equality and fraternety kinda falls short in its actual...