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    Chinese Simplified and Traditional language in wrinting

    What is the difference between Simplified and Traditional Chinese character in writing. China is using Simplified style. Hong Kong and Taiwan are using Traditional character writing style. Does it involve political system issue. even oversea chinese are using traditional writing for...
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    Taiwan make Vietnam party go democracy

    Vietnam is now go with Taiwan version which under between China and US strategy. It mean that Vietnam party go with China, but Vietnam policy go with USA. Vietnam trying to develop middle class industrial , technical and financial and banking modernize. basic salary strategy and lawyer firm...
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    The different between Paracel Islands and Spratly

    The different between Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands . Paracel Islands is dispute by only 2 country between Vietnam and China. and Spratly islands only dispute between Asean member country . So, China is not on the list of Asean.
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    Happy New Year for Asian

    Happy New Year for Asian, It should including china , taiwan, hongkong, vietnam, japan, korean, malaysia, phillipine and indonesia, singapore. cheer cheer up.
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    Vietnam democracy policy is China nightmare beginning

    Do you agree or disagree as topic indicate ? "Vietnam democracy policy is China nightmare beginning"
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    Congratulation, Taiwan First female president

    Congratulation, Taiwan First female president Tsai Ing-wen . she is very smart, capacity to make taiwan better in future and civilian lives. I do trust her words.
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    The six lovers of Xi Jinping

    A Book Tittle "Xi Jinping and His Six Women," what is so sensitive and importance and it influence. There a lot people get arrested about this book. something should hidden in behind include political. maybe something more about him. where could you buy this book. Xi Jinping with 6...
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    Will China economic crisis cause Vietnam War 2

    Economic crisis can cause political revolution and national collapse . especially those Bank, currency and oil gas . Do you think China economic crisis will cause Vietnam War 2. I am really concern about economic. job.
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    What is China's Dream and Chinese Dream

    What is China's Dream and Chinese Dream ? Are they the same or difference , I can't think one of them. Maybe one country with two policy. or two policy for three area including Hong kong and taiwan.
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    High tension in Scs, What could vietnam do better

    HANOI (Reuters) - Vietnam formally accused China of violating its sovereignty and a recent confidence-building pact on Saturday by landing a plane on an airstrip Beijing has built in a contested part of the South China Sea. Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Hai Binh said China had conducted a...
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    What weapons Vietnam should buy for year of 2016

    T 90 tank, ? su 35 fighter jet ? nuclear submarine ? s 400 anti air system ? cruise missile ? Don't worry about money this time,
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    ThaiLand seem like to get involve Scs

    What are so attractive for Thailand to get involve Scs, Do they have public interest from the sea. Thailand already big enough sea and land , Do they really want to get involve dispute, I Know Thailand buy Submarine from China.
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    Is south china sea out of control

    Is south china sea out of control ? if not , who is controlling it, what is the best way to solve dispution. it take too long to settle down, don't waste the time and money. let solve it quickly.
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    Dare US fire the First missile on china's man made Islands

    Do you think US will dare to fire First missile on china's man made Islands in Scs. for my opinion, US won't fire missile at first on china made island in scs. and Do you think China has second project for expanding those Island in scs . Those man made island can be double current size.
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    Could China control Pacific ocean and India ocean

    China navy and airforce , submarine alreadly reach pacific oceam and India ocean , Do you thin china have the ability to control there or take over the US character in the world.
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    ASEAN trying to establish Asean's currency for trading

    ASEAN trying to establish Asean's currency for trading. It works the same way as Euro currency, They will use Asean currency for trading among these countries, is this benefit to Asean. will Asean abandon using Chinese currency or US dollaors ?
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    Australia steps up air patrol in Scs to defiance Beijing

    Australia has stepped up military surveillance flights over the South China Sea in a signal to Beijing that it means to continue operating in the regional flashpoint area despite heightened tensions provoked by territorial disputes. China already give a lot of business to Australia, why does...
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    Will there be a war 2016 in south China sea

    does anyone can predict , Will there be a war 2016 in south China sea . year of 2016 is bad luck for asian area. and I worry about Japan ally with vietnam to against china. and US and India are their backup ?
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    Will Vietnam deploy coast guard vessel patroling Paracel Islands

    Do you think Vietnam should deploy coast guard vessel patroling in Paracel Islands. currentlly , only fish boat and fishmen are showing up there. Vietnam do not have any coast guard vessel or naval vessel appear in Paracel islands. air patrol maybe is a good idea and I think vietnam is...
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    Why do China give free money to those dissident people

    I know there a lot of dissidents people out there , some from media, writer, reporter, journalism. so, Why China keep given out free money to these dissidents, especially famous dissidents. Is this helpful and useful to keep their mouth shut ?