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  1. Liquidmetal

    New French Film Encourages Adolescent Muslim Girls To Become Strippers

    It is has become an upside down world where modesty is punished and being naked or 90% naked in case of a bikini is not only acceptable but is a must. If muslims teach modesty, western hypocrisy is no less oppressive and forces women to become hypersexual, naked and it is the way forward the...
  2. Liquidmetal

    Must Read: Ex Indian army chief VK Singh exposes Ajai Shukla & Pravin Sawhney. Say they are clueless

    he was the ex-chief and will have the facts on the grounds, unlike Pravin & Ajai who are just mere analysts and writers.
  3. Liquidmetal

    Lord Ram is Nepali, says Nepal PM KP Oli

    But it is not under the Babri Masjid then is it? only Indians can be this shameless! There is no temple of Ram under the Babri if his temple was in Nepal!
  4. Liquidmetal

    China ‘strategic accord’ could give Iran a $400 billion boost, up military ties

    Does this mean Iran is out of India's orbit and hence will be less inclined to help India and to assist India against PK, can we also hope for a reduction in terrorism emanating from iran?
  5. Liquidmetal

    Overseas Pakistanis sent record remittances in FY 2020 at $ 23.12billion

    Look at how much 7million overseas Pakistanis contribute to the country in hard dollars, yet no say in elections, no representative in Parliament, no ability to serve in the civil service or armed forces, and no recourse to law and order when things go wrong if we go and invest in PK. If these...
  6. Liquidmetal

    Guess Which planes ( rear picture) in Northern India Ready for War

    it is the greatest aircraft mankind ever invented 40K years before there even was an India by time travelers - ladies and gents it is the bestest, with an arse only a blind mother could love, the TeGas. 40 years on a truck and now finally on tarmac.
  7. Liquidmetal

    This is the accuracy of China's rockets (not ballastic missiles)

    Great if that can be done. I suspect China is not that kind of country - though it has border & territorial issues with many bordering countries, how many have been invaded, destablised etc? and then look at India's record in Sri Lanka, the breaking of East-Pak into BD, the dirty game in...
  8. Liquidmetal

    China v India: The Restless Border

    Important to see the views of the enemy, how he perceives the issue and challenges and what options Hindustan (HN) may choose including any escalation the HNs may exercise such ingress into China itself to bargain the loss of land. Even though they are facing this challenge, Shukla was still...
  9. Liquidmetal

    China v India: The Restless Border

    I am not sure if this is breaking forum rules but it is important to see this presentation by Ajai Shukla re China v India in Ladakh.
  10. Liquidmetal

    ‘Trade diplomacy’: Pakistan to gift mangoes to heads of states

    Brilliant, haha, I have got to go and get me some more.
  11. Liquidmetal

    This is the accuracy of China's rockets (not ballastic missiles)

    There will be no war. India cannot afford it. China is grabbing positions for position of strength when they will talk at state level.
  12. Liquidmetal

    ‘Trade diplomacy’: Pakistan to gift mangoes to heads of states

    £6 for a box of 4. I bought 2 boxes - YUM but went to quickly! Prices have gone up due to covid-19 - Thank you France/Spain!!
  13. Liquidmetal

    China Will Not Relent in Ladakh

    He did the same after swift kick in the goolies by the PAF, after his whisky was rattled he did not come out of his bunker for 3 months.