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  1. Pakistanisage

    India Under Modi Is Becoming a Brutal Authoritarian State...Israel Newspaper

    https://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-india-under-modi-is-becoming-a-brutal-authoritarian-state-1.8298750 Modi's Hindutva populism, backed by naked threats against India's Muslim minority and the suppression of dissent, is crashing India's economy and its democracy Shrenik Rao Dec...
  2. Pakistanisage

    Jamia Delhi and Aligarh University erupts amongst CAB Bill Protest

    Please remember my prediction. The decline has already started. Modi has already alienated 15% of India's Population. Where do you think your country is headed?
  3. Pakistanisage

    India falling apart - Citizenship Amendment Bill: India's West Bengal hit by protests

    I see this as a prelude to the unraveling of India. BJP and MODI are on a self-destruct mission. CAB is like an EBOLA virus that will consume India's internal organs.
  4. Pakistanisage

    Jamia Delhi and Aligarh University erupts amongst CAB Bill Protest

    Fasten your seat belts, son. Some very rough days are coming ahead. India is headed towards a bloodbath of its Muslim population. For some Pakistanis, it would be torturous because their ancestors came from India. My parents were born and raised in Delhi, India, so it is excruciatingly painful...
  5. Pakistanisage

    Jamia Delhi and Aligarh University erupts amongst CAB Bill Protest

    I can see India IMPLODING from within. Modi has done what Pakistan could not accomplish in its wildest dreams. India is now at war with itself. I predict India will disintegrate and implode within a decade.
  6. Pakistanisage

    Afghan president telephones Gen Bajwa to confirm killing of Mullah Fazlullah in drone strike

    Al Jazeera is reporting Mullah Fazlullah son was killed along with 19 other insurgents.
  7. Pakistanisage

    Muslims-only apartments coming up in Greater Noida

    Muslim apartments highlight housing segregation in India Muslim apartments highlight housing segregation in India Social realities prompt developments targeting country’s biggest religious minority Share on Twitter (opens new window) Share on Facebook (opens new window) Share on LinkedIn (opens...
  8. Pakistanisage

    China losing patience with Pak over Azhar?

    Just because some Indian blog says so does not does not mean it is true. "DNA-India" is not a credible source.
  9. Pakistanisage

    700,000 Afghan refugees returned home from Pakistan in 2016: IMF

    They should all return to go back to their war ravaged country to rebuild it , instead of polluting our country with their presence. They have outstayed their welcome. Isn't 38 years enough.
  10. Pakistanisage

    Afghanistan Struggling with Returning Afghan Refugees from Pakistan

    Pakistan tolerated these " INGRATES " far too long. They should have been ejected long time ago.
  11. Pakistanisage

    UK ready to join CPEC: HC

    If they bring joint ventures, projects and jobs to Pakistan, they are most welcome. Why not ? As long as we all make money, we should encourage any industrialized Western and European country to come join us.
  12. Pakistanisage

    Pakistan to pay back $500 mil to China: Dar

    Both are Foreign Stooges and no one likes such people.
  13. Pakistanisage

    US criticises China for supporting Pakistan against India

    Lame duck Obama Administration gasping for its last breath.
  14. Pakistanisage

    What's stopping Pakistan from creating new provinces?

    New Provinces should include the following to begin with: 1. Karachi-Hyderabad 2. Southern Punjab ( Bhawalpur ). 3. Hazara 4. Chitral 5. Gilgit
  15. Pakistanisage

    Raheel Sharif appointed chief of Islamic military alliance, confirms Khawaja Asif

    The young Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman is showing real leadership in tackling the terrorism threat by ISIS. It is an honor to see Our own Raheel Sharif who is going to lead this war on terror from Pakistan's side.
  16. Pakistanisage

    Police smell foul play in Om Puri’s death

    Very sad if this is true.....l
  17. Pakistanisage

    Nisar takes notice of Indians’ arrival in Badin without clearance

    Put them in Jail to rot as Indians do to Pakistani citizens.