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  1. Al-zakir

    Poor and desperate, Pakistani Hindus accept Islam to get by

    Good for them. Darkness to light.
  2. Al-zakir

    My grand mother passed away..... prayers

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. May Allah grant her Jannat ul Firdoos.
  3. Al-zakir

    Featured Pakistan will proceed on Kashmir issue with or without Saudi Arabia : SM Qureshi

    Arabs khokla ho chuke. They are no longer defenders of Islam and Muslims. Pak decision to move forward without them is commendable. :pakistan:
  4. Al-zakir

    Featured Bangladesh building monument for Indian martyrs of Liberation War

    Lanati League with another Lanati project. Lakh lanat on lanati League.
  5. Al-zakir

    Relationship with India rock solid: Bangladesh

    I'd no doubt in my mind. So long laa -hasina lurking, India-Bd master slave relationship will not die.
  6. Al-zakir

    Retired army major shot dead at Cox’s Bazar check-post

    Bitter outcome when lion led by donkey.
  7. Al-zakir

    My Name Is Nabilah Islam. It’s an American Name.

    I agree. Democrats are hypocrites whereas Republicans are straight shooter. I support Republicans over democrats. Khula Dushman poshida dusman se behtar hain.
  8. Al-zakir

    Eid ul Adha 2020

    Eid Mubarak everyone. May Allah accept our qurbani.
  9. Al-zakir

    Father passed away

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. May Allah grant him Jannat ul Firdoos.
  10. Al-zakir

    Featured Imran Khan phones Sheikh Hasina

    People like me stood up for the united pakistan and still do ideologically. We do not see any difference between us because we place our Muslim identity over ethnicity. It's people like you who broke our nation into two with help of mushrik entities. Thus, weakened us forever. Think about what...
  11. Al-zakir

    Appreciate Bangladesh's View of J&K Being India's Internal Matter: Ministry of External Affairs

    Kashmir banega Pakistan In sha Allah. la Hasina not matter here. She is fake and not even love by her own country men.
  12. Al-zakir

    Featured Imran Khan phones Sheikh Hasina

    la Hasina is ideologically Indian, cunning and pathological liar. I don't see any meaningfull relation with Pak so long la Hasina is lurking around. Pak should work with its natural allies in Bd and help them overthrow this choarni from power.
  13. Al-zakir

    General Sarwardy’s interview refocuses attention on the appointment of General Aziz Ahmed as army

    Bhai welcome back. Wasn't this guy used to be Hasina's lap dog? He is barking now become Hasina didnt promote him. Bd has become babana Republic because of dalal like him.
  14. Al-zakir

    Grisly Murder of Bangladeshi American Tech CEO in Manhattan

    Shooting, stabing one thing but cutting body in to pieces is serious stuff. :undecided:
  15. Al-zakir

    Ex-Mukti Bahini activist says India wants to occupy former princely states.

    Kashmir is illegali occupied. East pak was not occupied because it was Pakistan by itself.
  16. Al-zakir

    Gen Aziz alerts Bangladesh Army to ‘attempts to mislead people’

    You are a Dalal Mr. Ariz. You are not a general, you are a chowkidar.
  17. Al-zakir


    Please don't tag me on nonsense. Not interested.