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  1. Mo12

    India vs Pakistan war by Binkovs Battleground

    The video that we all have been waiting for, for months is now here:
  2. Mo12

    Honest article by a pakistani on India-Pakistan-China relation

    The Pakistani makes very valid points, especially on how CPEC is mainly funded by Chinese machines and people and how China doesnt allow many Pakistan immigrants to work in China.
  3. Mo12

    In goodwill gesture, India to release 39 Pakistan prisoners

  4. Mo12

    What normal Chinese people think of India and Indians

    Here is a recent video made 1 week ago, of a 100% real Chinese people opinion of Indians. Which doesnt include Chinese posters of defence.pk
  5. Mo12

    Mohammed Siraj goes for 3 cr

    Amazing how a hard working India, whos dad worked as a driver to provide for a family to see his son win an expensive contract with IPL http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/ipl/top-stories/mohammed-siraj-journey-from-rs-500-to-rs-2-6-crore/articleshow/57256544.cms Firstly he is an...
  6. Mo12

    'Wanted' passenger, 52, is arrested at Stansted after Heathrow-bound Pakistani jet was diverted and

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4200300/Pakistani-plane-escorted-Stansted-fighter-jets.html Luckily no one was harmed, very scary as i live near heathrow, london.
  7. Mo12

    Earthquake in India

    Just read this on news, is everything ok?
  8. Mo12


    Great news for Modi and people wanting jobs in the future. http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysomaney/2017/02/02/apples-manufacturing-plant-in-india-is-a-go/#38e2f29a2749 It seems like Apple has come to an agreement with the government of Indian state, Karnataka, to set up a manufacturing plant in...
  9. Mo12

    UAE Likely to Pledge $75 bn to India on Crown Prince's Visit

    http://www.news18.com/news/india/uae-likely-to-pledge-75-bn-to-india-on-crown-princes-visit-1340134.html New Delhi: The UAE is likely to pledge an investment of $75 billion to India during the visit of Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayyed Al Nahyan on the occasion of Republic Day. The Crown...
  10. Mo12

    India Kashmir vs Pakistan Kashmir

    So after one poster saying that India Kashmir lacks facilities and infrastructure, so I did a google search to compare both. Indian J&K GDP: $15.2 billion Population: 12,548,925 Total Deposits: $8.8 billion Total Loans: $3.03 billion Pakistani AJK GDP : $3.2 billion Population: 4,000,000...
  11. Mo12

    World strangest International borders

    1:25min for India To go from central India to NE India, the width of the most narrow part is only 17 miles long! Seems like a logistic nightmare for India, thats why its important to maintain good ties with Bangladesh. 2:30min for Pakistan, seems like the Wakhan border was made due to Russia...
  12. Mo12

    Apple offering investment and 100,000 jobs in India

    But they want relaxed tax rules? Should India agree or not? http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/hardware/apple-inc-to-flourish-if-it-pours-funds-into-india/articleshow/56280818.cms
  13. Mo12

    Pakistan seeking USA help on the Indus water treaty

    http://indianexpress.com/article/world/pakistan-seeks-us-support-in-indus-waters-treaty-dispute-with-india-4452920/ Pakistan has sought support of the US on the implementation of the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) with India, as Secretary of State John Kerry called for an amicable settlement of the...
  14. Mo12

    Should India and Bangladesh form a security alliance?

    Since India surrounds Bangladesh from all 3 sides and has good relationship with Bangladesh, should India sign a treaty with Bangladesh to protect it from external threats? Its good for Bangladesh because it can become more economy focused and become a good import/export market for Indian...
  15. Mo12

    Indian pensioner builds giant replica of the Taj Mahal in his back garden for his dead wife Read mo

    Indian pensioner builds replica of the Taj Mahal in his garden for his dead wife | Daily Mail Online
  16. Mo12

    Aus opposes 'militarisation' in S China Sea, says India's role 'critical'

    NEW DELHI: In a veiled attack on China, Australian defence minister Kevin Andrews on Wednesday strongly opposed the use of "intimidation and aggression" in the disputed South China Sea and said India's role was critical in stability of Indian Ocean region and wider global order Aus opposes...
  17. Mo12

    India-Iran and Russia Economic Transit moves closer to reality

    The much-awaited International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) through Iran has been set in motion, with New Delhi, Tehran, Moscow and 10 other nations at a recent meeting in Delhi approving draft transit and customs agreements, which will provide the legal framework for moving freight on...
  18. Mo12

    China companies to choose India over Pakistan?

    Looks this is what Modi is trying to do. Already Chinese firms are making factories in India over Pakistan Modi government gives security clearance to 18 Chinese companies as China de-hyphenates Pakistan - The Economic Times
  19. Mo12

    One of China Biggest Firm to make factory in India!

    Good to see Lenova will be creating 1500 jobs in India and putting millions of dollars into India for investment Lenovo follows Xiaomi in setting up India manufacturing unit
  20. Mo12

    India invited to China's wartime parade

    India is finding itself weighing a delicate diplomatic balancing act as it decides on a request from China to send a high-level military delegation for a landmark military parade that Beijing is hosting on September 3. New Delhi is yet to take a call on China’s overture with the military...