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    India’s MMRCA deal unravels

    Such a stupid article! Ofcourse rafale failed in a2g operations and got owned by eft. Also, why do we need mmrca when we have so many coffines still flying!
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    Indian Army Activates 2nd BrahMos Unit, Conducts Test

    Search some Russian site for yakhont, as it's a russian missile
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    US lets down the Indian quislings

    A very well thought out and well written article by definitely an intelligent and well qualified person. Even though all the references he has given are the words of very foreigners he calls blood-suckers and distrusts, we should accept them because our own democratically elected govt cannot...
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    Pastor Beaten And Paraded Naked By Hindu Extremists

    Got what he deserved....
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    How many aircraft carriers does the Islamic world have?

    There is no pressing need for Muslim nations to work on technology. The ones who have, like Iran, Pakistan, are working on their immediate requirements. Place others in their shoes, you will get same result. Especially Arabs can purchase what they want. India, though have hoards of...
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    Sukhoi PAK-FA / FGFA: Updates,News & Discussions

    From the side, the visible part is not round. Though the round structure is visible from the front, the curvature doesn't faces forward.
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    Sukhoi PAK-FA / FGFA: Updates,News & Discussions

    The round structures are covered by the intakes. Though still there are orbs under the wings.
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    MoD approves 9 medium range maritime patrol aircraft by for navy, RFPs to b

    Yes, a different deal. Boeing P-8Is are long-range maritime reconnaissance (LRMR). The new AoN is for medium range. P-8 is a done deal, and just RFI has been sent for this one.
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    IAF Officer Demanded Bribe From French

    That's our cunning. We select a platform as capable as Rafale, we make French contribute to our economy through offsets, and even that is not enough, we also make them contribute through bribery!
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    IAF Officer Demanded Bribe From French

    An officer demanded bribe for allotting a 'more advantageous position' for its Rafale aircraft in the 'static' aircraft display section at the biennial airshow, (in other words, a better stall !), was exposed and now action is being taken against him. Corruption is rampant in SE Asia, and this...
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    India rejects US P-3C Orion aircraft

    Let the dead remain buried!
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    India developing 6000 km range Agni-6 SLBM with MIRV

    Higher the range, costlier the r&d, production, deployment and maintenence cost. Our policy doesnt support such long range. Tech to achive it would take longer to perfect. It is always step by step process.
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    Thorium Based Indian Nuclear Programme

    We know about it enough to make a reactor! U/Pu support chain reaction, Th doesnt. Period. It is their property. If in distant future we succeed in making it do so, it is different matter. Not in forseeable future.
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    India batsman Yuvraj Singh diagnosed with lung cancer

    Amazingly, he replied to Peterson in Hindi!
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    Manmohan Singh blames US NGOs for anti-nuclear demonstrations

    And how is that plant being a danger to environment? Japan was a special case. Otherwise coal based and hydroelectric plants cause more environmental pollution/problems.
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    Neverforget84.com - Sikhs want own stat.

    We also kill Hindus too. Sometimes burn trains full of them! Sometimes on the street itself.. We are a secular country, we spare no one in the name of religion! This is sh*t. Not even 99.99% of Sikhs, living all over India, and probably most likable bunch, would be knowing that they want a...
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    Thorium Based Indian Nuclear Programme

    One of the most attractive point of thorium is that it cannot sustain chain reaction, and thus unlikely to be used in a warhead!
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    Need help, some one interested in translating Chinese (Light novel)

    I will try some other place too.. This site has many Chinese members too, may be I will find some one interested!
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    Need help, some one interested in translating Chinese (Light novel)

    I have already tried google, and other free translators. And they are crappy to say the least. The translator who was originally working on the project, at site baka-tsuki, is not able to continue due to some personal reasons. I was just hoping that some Chinese speaking manga/light novel fan...

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